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Goddamn windows updates...


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Guest Mogie56

most windows updates deal with vunerabilities and/or bugs in the kernel so it requires a restart to apply those updates but yeah it would be nice to not get your game shut down right in the middle of a session to find your getting re-booted as well. so much for progress eh. LOL

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Guest carywinton

And back in the day, Micro$oft touted you would never have to reboot this OS or that, ahuh.


As to your issue, you can set Windows Updates to not install Automatically, and only install updates manually, not advised, but it's an option you could turn on while playing games so this does not happen again.

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Guest Plastrader

I have the default recommended settings for windows update(windows 7) and my computer never restarted whilst I was in the middle of something.

The "update required"-shield is visible in the task window and "shut down" button.

And the same thing applies to my Windows Vista installment.

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On the topic of updates, has anybody ever had their nvidia driver update default every single video game setting? It's not even just the graphics shit like resolution and quality, but difficulty and button mapping as well.

I mean for fucks sake, it even defaulted my utorrent preferences...bizzare.

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Why can't they make updates that does not require a full system restart ??? I have not been online with gaming pc for a few days and damn already needs 16 new updates.. Also needs several restarts to even work right..


It could be worse i recently had to re-install my OS so i had 167 updates to install, did those and restarted etc 47 updates to install so did those and restart etc then 16 updates to install....


My first day of owning upgraded gaming PC was purely installing updates :(


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