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Copied a cell, second floor won't render in game


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I need some help with a mod that I am working on.


I want something to happen in the Thalmor embassy. But I do not want to screw up the main quest by changing it. So I had the idea to simply make a copy of the cells, remove anything related to the main quest and then use the copies to my liking. Meanwhile, the original embassy was never touched (might have to clean the mod later though), so the main quest can't break.


So I duplicated the cell "ThalmorEmbassy01" in the CK. There is however, a little problem with that one area where the level is two stories high.


It looks fine in the CK:



But in the game, it looks like this:



Everything above the lower floor is hidden. It's still there, however. When you use 'tfc' and fly up a little, then suddenly the upper floor is there and the lower floor is gone:



This is why the rest of the cell seems to work fine. As long as every floor is only one floor high, you never notice this. But as soon as one floor spans vertically across two stories...


The original Thalmor embassy also looks fine in the game. And all the cell's settings are identical, it's a copy after all.



I'm not even sure what exactly to google for on this one. I tried a few generic things but didn't get any useful results.


Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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If you're worried about the thalmor embassy but you want to do something with the thalmor, how about the thalmor headquarters in Solitude?

In the vanilla game, it's completely empty anyway, and there are no quests or any content at all associated with it, so you won't have to worry about breaking things.


But what I can see from the images it looks like a problem with room portals... I just got a fast education in them here:





EDIT: Room portal markers do not show in the CK by default, so it's possible you copied everything but them somehow, or something like that. But if the rooms are there and it just takes you moving around to actually see them, that's what it sounds like to me. Caveat: I've never done anything like this with the CK, I'm just a trained parrot here.

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More than likely the room setup from the portals and rooms are out of place, may have happened when it was copied.


What they look like enabled in the view:



To enable them, go to view along the top of the main toolbar then select show/hide window, that will bring up the little window with the check boxes. Check Portals and Rooms and they will be shown.


As you can see above, there are 2 boxes that make up the room that are linked so they act as one box. Either one of them is missing or out of place or they are no longer linked.

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Thanks guys!


Room markers and portals were the keywords I needed. I think I understand the problem now. The markers were not off, they were indeed not linked anymore.


For other readers who aren't yet familiar with the issue:


Bethesda, when making the embassy, could not encompass the whole room with one room marker. Because then there would have been intersections with other room markers. So the upper half of that room is a different (and somewhat smaller) room marker than the lower half. Which, obviously, causes only the half you're currently in to be rendered.


There are two ways to fix this: I can place a portal between the two halves. That allows you to look up to the ceiling and seems to work. The other way, which is probably the better one for this case, was what Bethesda also did in the original embassy: You can also join two room markers by selecting them and pressing the "Join rooms" button in the toolbar. Then they count as one single room.


It seems like this connection between the two room markers got lost during duplication. Likely a bug (when you make a copy, you'd expect to get an identical copy), but it is the CK we're talking about...

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