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What's this mean?

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<script pagespeed_no_defer="" src="http://www.loverslab.com/_,Mjo.wVbWkrmLp-.js.pagespeed.jm.7w7uVcSvPA.js"></script>PapyrusUtilDev.log This is the papyrus log after i attempted a sexlab animation through submit (dialogue, not combat). Every week or so my game crashes whenever i attempt sex by any means. I can fix it through clean and repair in the mcm, but im kinda curious if there's a permanent solution. Thanks in advance for any help. :)


this log does't really mean anything, don't know where you found it, useless data

And please post your papyrus.0 log as well. You can find that in My documents/My games/ Skyrim/Logs/scripts.

this is the info that helps debug things from weird bugs to ctd's


best instructions for enabling the papyrus logs, if you can't find them there is to go here:


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