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Need papyrus genius to help solve ctd issue.


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Please see my previous thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36690-ctd-with-alternate-startsteleports/?p=921292


I seem to have ruled out every possible cause of the ctd, including bad vram and other hardware issues.  I now need someone to look at my papyrus logs and help me figure out the issue.  I have attached all my logs to date.  Please look at them and let me know if you see a problem.

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You have to read closely on what to do, as described. Otherwise you'll be forced to go over for a new game.


He has allready done a new game he crashes whenever he starts a new game creates his character and when he lays in the bed of alternate start he ctd's. When he teleports in the world via console it works fine so do saves take a look in the thread he linked

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Looking at it, there's 97 mods in the loadlist. Being that although I have yet to install anything from Sexlab, I understand that heavily scripted mods, high-res textures. high-poly meshes, and an improperly configured Papyrus engine will more likely to cause the game to crash.

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looks like you have an issue with daymoyl, the occurence of it happening thru alt start it just chance or papyrus overload, but the log shows daymoyl bugs repeatedly - i'd suggest a fresh download of it and overwrite any/all files from that, after daymoyl(death alternative, your money or your life, download it from nexus) its getting issues with sd, but that could be spawning from the daymoyl issues, try fixing daymoyl first, if still issues post a new log, but i', thinking the next step is to fix sd...eventually this is showing skooma issues, but i'd have to compare it to my own logs to see if that's normal or not, but that's a 3rd possibility to look at later


and finally i'm no payrus genius either, i just happened to recognize the mods you're showing papyrus issues with that i don't see those in my logs with the same mods


Edit2: if this isn't a clean save, you may need to re-install those mods as well, maybe a cleansave would be best

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know if this will help but I'd increase FUpdateBudgetMS from 1.2 by increments of 0.2 to help on heavy script setups & fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS from 500 to 1000 no more than 2000 to help scripts load during the loading screen.

even the default skyrim setup should be able to load daymoyl, the issue here is with daymoyl first

on a sidenot i think your method my help other mods further down the line, but the log isn't that big, doubt there's going to be a need for that

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