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[IDEA] Cookable, Edible UNP Vaginas

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hi all im with a great idea for a new mod. im suggested another mod with periods but all tell me it gross lol so none of that i gues. im want a new mod now this time hopefully. i Have 1 favorite time in this game and it is when im stare into a UNP vagina.  AMAZING!! Im want to be able to cook and eat these vaginas, carry in bag, munch on for snack time, my PC regeneration health when consumable 1 vagina, or can use for recharge soul weapon, or pick locks, etc. basically anything u want u can do but with a vagina. (arrows vaginas, food vaginas, potions vaginas, soul gem vaginas, vagina swords, vagina shields, vagina magic etc) but mostly about cook and eat. 


any ideas??? english not my first leng im srry translator not avale right now

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Most of the time,one only hears people recommend to other people that they should partake of the contents of a bag of dicks. I'm guessing that this is an attempt to cater to the cannibal cunnilinguistic cuisine connoisseurs who have acquired a distaste of the dicktastic delicacy due to over-familiarity or incompatible sexuality but I could be off-base here.

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Can someone come lock this thread? Please? It bothers me that a thread like this is even ALLOWED here.


Haven't been around long, eh? Is it any worse than much of the other far out stuff here? It's not my thing but neither is vore, animal sex, incest etc. Don't like it? Don't read the thread, simple. It bothers me that people like you moan about things they don't like when they are not forced to read a thread or use a mod, but I'm not asking for you to be disallowed.

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