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  1. Did you find what was causing it ? My game started doing same thing, no matter if i try a new game or not. I can do 1 or 2 scenes np, 3rd my chars start blinking one or twice and on 4th i get the EXACT same thing you said on your post and video. Only thing i changed lately is a new pack of Billy's animation, i tried remove em, still same deal. Does anyone have a remote idea what can be the reason ?
  2. Hello since i see on preivous post someone having same prob as me and there was no reply , i'll quote it again. I'm having exact same problems as him/her, from A to Z. Anyone else having similar probs ? never had on previous versions ( using latest atm )
  3. Just tried the file and..... its works ! 😁 Tried on my current game, could not find a camp with alive giants lol... so i resurrected one and still had the negative hp. Started a new game and went to nearest giant camp. Soon i got overwhelmed by 2 giants and their 3 mamooths, Enemy Health bars showing em having a bit over 18k hp and mamooths over 9,3k hp . Cheated me some skills and spells and they take dmg as normal, so no more OHKO from being attacked by butterflies
  4. Sorry for late reply, i use LE, trying to find the possible culprit too, and i'm lost, rest of monsters are fine but Giants ( & mamooths ). P.D. Jesus christ with trolls lol, they are easily strongest enemy by far i forced one to follow me and they solo packs of 12-18k hp bandits on Legendary lol.
  5. Yeah, for some reason, Giants still persist on having -29k hp, anything that poke em die, all giants are dead by time i get to camps lol . And like previous user said on his post, second i remove this giant get back to their normal stage, no longer have negative hp.
  6. Wildcat and Mortal enemies (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73921) ? , no other mods that could change behavior of the enemies, apart from those 2.
  7. Thank you for the mage update 😁, i gave up on mage builds because of this lol , necromancers and illusionists etc. And regarding what someone said a few posts earlier, this new version ( and old ones ) , do make my giants and mamooths have -30k hp if you target em on console (-29250 to be exact ) , 1/30000 with healthbars mod, making both em, the weakest mobs in the game, i just saw wolf while testing new version , 1 hit each time, 2 giants and 3 mamooths. I even forced one giant as my follower, throwed heals at him, and still got 1 shotted the second it engages anythi
  8. Awww, so is SAM body, i tend to prefer SOS, just for convenience sake, and i never got around on usine ECE. thanks for repliying anyway
  9. Amazing ! Wichs mod you used to get this, and what mod allows you to wear high heels on male char lol
  10. Anyone plays this mod with a Necromancer build ? everything its so high level that i cannot raise anything lol ( Using Ordinator, Apocalypse , Aurora Stones , etc ). I really dont wanna call the summoned Undead spells ... Any ideas or how to get around this ?
  11. ** Ignore this post, i solved my own question ** Sorry
  12. Thank You so much ! that did the work yeah
  13. Question about Jarl's Wife quest progression:
  14. Just unpack the file with winrar and zip it back with another program, like Alzip, wich is way better anyway Loving the mod sof ar btw , keep the good work
  15. Tried both solutions, still the same problem, think ima just drop the mod, i'll give it another try tomorrow when i wake up, too sleepy atm. Thank you for the reply and suggestions :D
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