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Fallout: New Vegas - Uterus Eater

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I have read about it a while ago and because this mod looks really funny *and* it's pretty hard to be found, I've decided to upload it to 4shared and share the link with you.

Please make backups, just in case.


I hope I am not breaking any rule - it's just for community.


URL with everything in it: https://mega.nz/#F!INBzlTZR!pSCxQZdBwkSMcgdgcxU3Xg(including my lame patch for the ESP)


Have fun :)











I have no rights to the original mod but considering Author (?) didn't asked for not uploading/posting it anywhere else, I wanted to make a copy.

Unfortunately I don't know the author :(


Mods, please move my post anywhere else if appropriate.




Just in case:











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OK that's just wrong on so many levels..........


Surely that goes over the "acceptable" mod limit....


Honestly... have you checked the Lovers with PK mod list? :)

Necrophilia, rape and zoophilia to name the least disturbing ;)



agreed Take vanila skyrim for example there you eat your victims(with eating animation) after you completed some absolutly easy quests...... thats maybe to detailed for some ppl and its not my taste but crossing a line because its a guro mod ???? no sir dont like it dont download it simple as that but drawing lines is dangerous whats next the COC mod in the oblivion forums or the absolutly sick weapons with bodyparts in sevral mods there ?????


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What a coincidence; I've seen this on the Steam Powered User's Forums recently.


I don't know how the screenshot poster didn't get banned instantly, but it's curious to know that this mod actually exists, and that the user I saw didn't just photoshop the screenshot he posted.



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...it could've been at least a head eating mod for psycho character play thoughs, but really? Cannibalism is a mains theme for the end of the world but why that body part? not Hearts? you know to get their courage, sweet delcable courage (Cyber cookie to whoever gets the refrence)

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Jack the Ripper in Fallout NV...Now that's an interesting playthrough


Too bad I doesn't have enough free time to prepare „messy” animation (well, I would have to learn animation from the beginning) :/




You could just use the normal body explosion animation, if you wanted more gore I am sure I saw something like that on Nexus. 

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Wow, that's a disturbing mod (which can be seen as a positive or negative thing depending on your taste :P) Probably most disturbing about it though, is that I find it perfectly in line with the kind of gratuitous gore the game has completely unmodded :D


"Hey gorgeous! Wanna come home with me and watch my collection of sexy human heads?"

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Beg whatever Supreme being you worship for forgiveness that, despite all warnings from any and all who had already seen this mod, you still went ahead and used it.

And then stab your eyes out anyways.

Funny we don't see a testicle eating mod.


I want to know why no one had replaced the dismembered hands on the Raider Sadist Armor with male genitals.

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The game has: graphic violence, graphic language, strong sexual content, rape, theft, murder, arson, torture, you can poison children, drug use, drug sale, drug crafting, genocide, cannibalism. But make a mod where you eat a specific body part then everyone goes apeshit.

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