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  1. does anyone else crash like mad whilst using this? The LE version never crashes me, but I just can't keep use the SE version without constant CTD's
  2. oh he's gorgeous, great job.. finally something a little different than usual! 😁
  3. fantastic job! I never thought it'd be fixed so quickly. I can't wait to use this!
  4. oh wow this looks really good! Unfortunately the thigh thing is a dealbreaker for me, since my guys tend to be thick on the thighs.. but good work nonetheless!
  5. hopefully its obvious, but did you open the mod's MCM and enable it?
  6. The accessory tops are very handy, thanks 😀
  7. no, nobody can help you with this amount of information except yourself. You don't even sound 100% sure of what you have in your own game, how can anyone else know? You will have to figure out what's causing your issue by using a program like S4Studio to check your packages.
  8. are you sure about that? I've had xpmse all these years and this mod has worked fine for me.
  9. probably skeleton not low enough in load order
  10. Oh that explains it lol. I thought I was going crazy there for a minute searching for armors in the previews that didn't exist in the file. But the file hadn't been updated is all. Anyway, thanks for the update. I've been keeping an eye on this for a long time eagerly awaiting the male divinesight robe to be finished ?
  11. I've used all three of those at some point in time and they've all worked fine for me (I've been using BFC for about a year now I think). I think the ini in freefly cam can be edited to change the FoV keys. Other than that maybe Customizable Camera or Screenshot Hotkeys (SHOT) has an option to (I don't remember if they do or not)
  12. 99% of the time T-posing comes from not running FNIS after installing or removing animation mods.
  13. Quite the update you've done to this mod. Excellent work and thank you.
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