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Help with outdated or missing "papyrusUtil"skse


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try re-installing your SKSE, and be sure if you just use the "skse_1_07_01_installer.exe" auto install to also get the "skse_1_07_01.7z" and install it too.


I had some problems if all I used was the "skse_1_07_01_installer.exe" with out adding the other as well.

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the tail problem then to me sounds like maybe a skeleton problem, could you have somehow gotten the skeletonbeast mixed up with the regular Skeleton ? they are both actually the same, except for that or were in Oblivion, many modder just use the skeletonbeast for everything because the animations are invisible if the character has no tail mesh

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I don't know you mesh, but I personally have found that Groovtama's skeleton has worked best for me.


I like most people that have had to deal much with skeletons hate to reccommend any certain skeleton, as the meshes people use are so diverse.


But If do try Groovtama's skeleton just be sure to use and installer like NMM, so that if it fails to do what you want it will be easy to un-install.


Groovtamas comes with quite a few options when installing, so you may wish to install it differently anyway, do use NMM or MO though I have a bit more faith in NMM, I very much like Modorganizer, and do use it. Just not for my Main install folder.

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Might be the ticket, I neverconsidered.


  because it is in the 1.59 sexlab, and last time I installed it loose as in after I had already installed selab it messed my game up, I had begun to figure that Sexlab modified it some, and my overwriting with h38fh2mf version was messing things up.


  But that may well be the best thing.

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