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  1. I think thats from sexual gameplay mod. i do believe it has the all male and all female traits.
  2. Jury Duty = school. thanks for your effort on the mod, good luck to you.
  3. they seem to be working fine together fixed it a little bit, it seems the patch between real space and planetary diversity caused my setup to crash, i went through the whole process of adding and subtracting mods till i was done to 10 and i took this off and it worked fine. Thank you Now i gotta figure out why im getting this wierd thing with additional traditions, expanded stellaris traditions and more civics and ethics rebuild mod. I think since im playing a hive mind it locks me out of a few tradition paths but other than that, runs pretty smooth.
  4. Hi, can someone help me figure out what crashes my game? I have a few questions though, does alphamod and NSC2 work together?
  5. Okay hopefully this works im back at the wyre bash bug where it deselects my mods and tells me im missing masters. Ive tried it unchecking and checking bash patch and unchecking and checking batched patch in wyre bash the game made it through the main menu screen and loaded, with alternate start so i was able to go to the race customization and then it crashed. feels like its impossible for me to play with the mods i have. Maybe the people who claim having 200 aren't using a lot of mods with scripts. Im going to go down the list and see how many mods i h
  6. You mean this? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73618/ ENBoost doesnt look like its changed much, i asumed i need to download the injector(possibly the graphics one as well?) I think i did it right but it crashes when it gets past the loading screen after leaving the main menu Am i supposed to use the numbers the STEP has? http://wiki.step-project.com/ENBoost I did the Tesedit and did apply filter and pressed okay, it took a few seconds and now a great majority of the mods are red, orange or purple
  7. I'll see what happens, so far it's just infinite screens. I do believe I'm under the plugins cap but right now the hardest thing to get past is a ctd upon load, possibly an infinite screen/long load times or me crashing at the trader inventories Edit something wrong happened, the load screen had a white blade with no texture, it must be some really bad mod conflict It let me in the game, it's laggy but I'll see what happens, I'll let everything load first before I move I walked a little bit before it froze near the guardian stones after you leave helgen.
  8. I see what you mean so ive added it even though it doesnt show up in plugins unless i did it wrong. Now i have 127 plugins active and know to see if it will work.
  9. I didnt even know i had the bashed patch checked--this fixed it. Thank you. ill see what happens because when they were not checked when i first tried it, the prompt said missing masters, and if these mods need these files, i better not mess with them then. I already have sexlab werewolves plus creature framework and hentai creature/sexlab framework so I probably dont need it then ill just keep defeat, it seems the more wholesome mod. Hmm so when i last played, i had them both ( Sounds of skyrims has a plugin but not fantasy soundtracks) and i can hea
  10. When i try to rebuild patch in wyre bash i get an error, wyre bash unchecks some of the mods since they are the ones that are mergable, then it complains about missing masters so i have to recheck everything.. My mods: skyrim update dawnguard hearthfire dragonborn SOS skytest sexlab framework zazanimations unofficial skyrim LE creature framework sexlab aroused wm flora fixes Fnis creature------dont really need this cause of creature framework fnis werewolf beast run xp32 skeleton beeing
  11. It worked, i think it was from me not checking one of the boxes during wyrebash instal
  12. Even if i open it in MO, the outcome is still the same. It does not show my mod list, it only shows the bashed patch, skyrim and the dlc's. After i close wyre bash it turns off all my enabled mods for some weird reason.( Its bottom first then 2nd from top, then third from top, then last the top picture.
  13. Still the same outcome. i reinstalled wyrebash and now it allows me to open it using wyrebash but still does not detect my load order. loadorder.txt modlist.txt
  14. Ive done that but it still doesnt detect anything and it clears all my enabled mods after i leave. Its still not finding it. I think i figured it out, wyrebash is somehow connected to my skyrim SE edition which could explain why its not reading my mods. it was using the SSE so now how do i use this command to link it to original skyrim?
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