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Hi! (best title)

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Hi everyone! 


I am not really new to this site (lurked for quiet a while) but it is still my first "real" post so I just decided to say "hello world" in this post!


Otherwise I decided to post a mod request on the forum (since I am not able to create my own mod (too lazy/stupid (pick which you prefer)) and then I have a question:


-How can I post a link?


when i past the raw link on a thread it just says "error, you are not able to post a link" and when i use the "link tool box" it just freezes and i can't click on any buttons. . . I spent like 3 hours trying to figure it out and I can't find a solution. . . (feeling fucking stupid right now).


Anywhore thanks for reading, sorry for my bad english and have a nice day! 

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If you want to request something, please use the thread for that and don't open a new one; forgot that to mention.




If it is an adult request (or you will have one later), use this one instead:


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Well, most people just create threads instead of trying to figure out how actually LL is organised to keep it steady and running.


Anyway, welcome at the more active side of the forum. Have fun browsing and modding; but take care of the few dickheadish jerks around here. I heard that especially those with 10k+ posts are real idiots. *cough*

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