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First working game modification?


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Hey, I just got curious as to what were the first mods you've ever gotten to work in any game (Elder Scrolls or not).

For me, the first game modification that I got to work was the Akatosh Mount by Saiden Storm for Oblivion. I remember sitting for well over an hour figuring out how to install this mod, reading guides and such and then I finally got it to work. Oh boy was I happy, I was ecstatic when I got it work. I remember flying on a black drake through the night in Oblivion all over Cyrodiil, it was incredible, I never got that kind of feeling since then after installing a mod.

So, what are your stories?

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I actually gotten into modding a little earlier during the Half Life engine eras. I was creating crazy maps for Team Fortress and as well as Counter-Strike. One map I remember was a Tron inspired map which still resides on my old HDD somewhere.

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I was fooling around with shaders, then a friend found an adult video with an epic audio track on one of the gay tube sites, so I put shader effects to it. Pretty intense stuff. I'd love to upload it here but it features M-M action and I think there's little or no audience for that here on LL.

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First game I got started with Mods was Morrowind... I don't even remember most of them... but like Oblivion I played it years after its prime. The "wow" moment I remember was playing with improved races (both faces and bodies) and drooling all over the game again after using the hi-res textures and just being blown away by how different things looked.


It was also the first game I made mods for. Including a romance/sex (text based, no animations) one that was for me, I never shared it... and also one that included more slavery for my evil Telvanni...

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