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{Eng Translate-PATCH} Elin Bard with the Bearserk Trio

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Elin Bard 3 with Bearserk, the Lute-Playing Bear Trio

by RSV


Available at Loverslab with permission.



If you want to use the animations in your mod, please contact the author, RSV, at Casualmods.net.





Elin Bard 3 with Bearserk is available as an Installer that, when launched, will add the master files, plugins, and BSA files (for Elin Bard and Bearserk) then creates the behavior files or updates existing behavior files.


If you are not using any animation mods that require FNIS then the installer will simply create the behavior files. If you do have animation mods and already created the FNIS behavior files then the Elin Bard Bearserk app will update the FNIS files to include the Bard and Bearserk animations.

For this reason, please pay attention to the installation instructions provided in this post.


If you do not wish to use the installer, I have provided pre-made files in which you can install and play. However, these files can only be used if either (1) you don't use FNIS or any animations that require FNIS , or (2) use the Elin Idle animation which does use FNIS.




Elin Bard

For those people not familiar with the Elin bard, she lives in the Bard's College at Solitude and her musical instrument of choice is the violin. Interact with her and she will give you a violin and bow. Play the violin near other Elins and they (most, not all) offer food and dance to your musical performance.


Version 3 introduces an all new A.I. as evident of her daily schedule.





21:00 - 6:00 (9pm - 6am) - sleeping

6:00 - 9:00 (6am - 9am) - rest

9:00 - 10:00 (9am - 10am) - plays violin at 2-nd floor

10:00 - 13:00 (10am - 1pm) - rest

13:00 - 15:00 (1pm - 3pm) - plays violin in Solitude at market place

15:00 - 21:00 (3pm - 9pm) - rest in college.



9:00 - 20:00 (9am - 8pm) - fishing at Dragon Bridge

20:00 - 9:00 (8pm - 9am) - rest in Dragon Brige's tavern





What is not present with previous versions of the Elin Bard is Bearserk, the lute-playing, bear trio. They can be recruited as followers and follow most dialogue options for followers. They can play their lutes for you and if you have the violin and bow, accompany you as you play. If performing near Elins, the bears will receive honey. In combat, they use their lutes as weapons and if delivering the death blow against an enemy, will celebrate by playing "Misirlou".


Each bear can be found in these locations.





Location: Hunter's camp on small island on lake north-east of Falkreath. If you have Hearthfires, the island is near the path that runs past the back of Lakeview Manor.




Location: Bather's camp at the hotsprings near Eldergleam Sanctuary.




Location: Orphan's Tears boat wreckage at the coastline west of Solitude. If you have Dawnguard, you should see Volkihar Castle nearby.








- 2014 August 08 - English translation patch.

  • Filename: PATCH_English_Translations_2014Aug08.7z
  • Translated the Bards College (name) and some Bearserk dialogue options that were still in Russian.
  • The dialogue options will appear in English regardless because of the Elin Bard plugin, but just in case.
  • Patch is needed for both the installer added files and the pre-made files.
  • Just extract Bearserk.esm and Elinbard.esp and copy to your DATA folder or MO mod folder; allow overwriting of the original files.






- Elin Bard v2.2 and earlier versions.

- Earlier versions of Bearserk.


To avoid potential bugs due to old scripts from previous versions of these mods in game saves, it is best to use a clean save or utility to clean your save file when using Elin Bard v3.


Some game save script-cleaners

Save Game Script Cleaner...http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52363

Save Game Script Scalpel...http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53045






(1) Adobe AIR...https://get.adobe.com/air/

- Required for the Elin Bard Bearserk application.


(2) Tera Elin Race (Elin 1) Main Package...http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20121-elin-voice-pack-update-tera-elin-race/

- Required for the Elin Bard.




AVAILABLE FILES (All Files Located in the Forum Downloader Unless an Outside Link is Provided)



(1) ElinBardBearserkInstaller.rar


If you do not want to use the installer then I have provided some ready-to-use files. Install with mod manager or extract and copy the files to your DATA folder. FNIS not required.


Without Elin Idle Animation

(2) ElinBard_v3_withBearserk.7z


Includes the Elin Idle Animation

(3) ElinBard_v3_withBearserk_andElinIdleAnimation.7z



(1) PATCH_English_Translations_2014Aug08.7z






Do not launch the application from Mod Organizer. The app requires access to the actual Skyrim folder to read the information stored in UPDATE.bsa and update any FNIS files. Launching the app from MO will cause errors or the app crashing during the creation/installation of the files.

Part 1 - Installing the Elin Bard Bearserk Application

  1. Install Adobe Air.
  2. Run the ElinBardBearserk.exe to install the application.
  3. You can now run the app from the desktop icon or lauching from Start Menu.
  4. The app files are installed in "C:\ElinBardBearserkInstaller".

Part 2- Preparation Before Creating the Mod Files


The Elin Bard 3 with Bearserk does not require FNIS, but if you use the FNIS Generator afterwards, the bard's and Bearserks animations will glitch or not work. You need to have any animation mod preinstalled and FNIS behavior files created/updated before using the Bard/Bearserk app.


Make a backup of any existing behavior files.





If you are using Mod Organizer, the FNIS generated files are located in the Overwrite folder. Backup the files from there.


Part 3- Creating the Mod Files



ATTENTION: Mod Organizer Users

Do not forget to copy any FNIS generated behavior files from the Overwrite folder and paste them in your DATA folder because during the creation process, the Bard/Bearserker app will UPDATE the FNIS files . Copy the complete MESHES folder structure, not just the HKX files.


  • Launch the Elin Bard Bearserker Installer app and you will see this window.


  • You can change the language to English by clicking on the "ENG" button.


  • Click "INSTALL" to start the file creation.


  • Pay attention to the progress window in the middle. When it says "Installation Complete", the Elin Bard/Bearserk mod with behavior files has been added to your DATA folder.
  • If the progress window only says "Shortcut OK" or says anything other than "Installation Complete", that indicates it can not find UPDATE.bsa in the DATA folder, but that has only happened to me when I was creating the files using a dummy Skyrim folder and forgot to include a copy of UPDATE.bsa.

Part 4- Install the Tera Elin Race (Elin 1) Main Package + Any Add-on.

  • Files and installation instructions on the Elin 1 post.

Part 5- Done

If using Mod Organizer, package the Bearserk/Elin Bard master/plugin/bsa files and install those with MO. The created (or updated) behavior files can now be moved to MO's Overwrite folder (did you backup the existing behavior files first?) and allow overwriting.

Make a backup of the updated behavior files as a precautionary measure.



If you install or uninstall any animation mods that requires FNIS Generator to update the behavior files will cause problems with Elin Bard/Bearserk. You need to do the following:

  1. Uninstall or install the animation mod.
  2. Run FNIS Generator for Users.
  3. Run the ElinBardBearserk.exe to update the new FNIS files.





This load order includes the Tera Elin Race (Elin 1) and add-ons.

Elin Bard 3 with Bearserk files are in BLUE.











Elin Mannequin.esp

ElinRace Enemy NR.esp

ElinRace Enemy.esp

ElinRace NewNPC.esp

ElinRace NPC.esp

ElinRace - Use UNP BBP Body.esp






Elin Bard

  • She holds the violin at the wrong end when idle (not when playing).
  • Violin bow is held high above the violin...SOLUTION (?): probably a skeleton issue since the animations are the same as the previous Elin bards.
  • When she goes through her routines at Solitude, she will play the violin at the Bard's College and at the marketplace. The music and violin-playing animation will loop a second time, but abruptly stop halfway She will then proceed to her other routines.
  • Asking her to play for you when she is outside of the Bard's College will start the music, but she does not play the violin...SOLUTION: this is likely due to the previous Elin bards being sandboxed within the Bard's College and never going outdoors. If you want her to play for you and receive the violin and bow, speak with her when she is inside the Bard's College.


  • The bears may freeze during combat and become unresponsive...SOLUTION: open the console, click on the bear and type DISABLE then type ENABLE.
  • The bears will appear to slowly become invisible then reappear or stay invisible...SOLUTION: at the moment, I don't know of any solutions to stop this from happening, but if any of them stays invisible, just change cell locations to make them reappear.



THOSE ARE NOT BUGS...Maybe...I guess


Elin Bard

  • The bard plays her violin at the Solitude marketplace and in the Bard's College (2nd-floor). Talking to her when she is playing music at those locations will disrupt the animations, but the music continues to play. So do not talk to her when she is scripted to play her violin. This does not happen when you first ask her to play for you; speaking to her again to stop will cleanly stop the animation and music.




RSV for the Elin Bard and Bearserk...Casualmods.net

"Misirlou" by Dick Dale

"We Will Rock You" by Queen

"Siamsa" by Ronan Hardiman




  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    Adobe AIR + Tera Elin Race (Elin1)
  • Special Edition Compatible


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An important reminder, if you are using a previous version of the Elin Bard, you will need to uninstall it, run FNIS generator if you are using other animation mods (not required if you only had the Elin Bard installed), then install Elin Bard v3.


The scripting is different, but most animations are the same.

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Great Mod, seems awesome... I will download it and install it tomorrow (my laptop has low battery) It's a very good work  :D

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UPDATE - English Translation Patch


Some minor English translations, most notably the Bards College's name.  Some bearserk dialogue options from the master file was translated though the Elin Bard plugin fixes that, but I fixed that anyway.


The files translated are the Bearserk.esm and ElinBard.esp and should be installed no matter whether you use the installer or the pre-made files.





Great Mod, seems awesome... I will download it and install it tomorrow (my laptop has low battery) It's a very good work  :D


Thank you.  RSV does some great animations.

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aw damn.  i was so happy to see this, especially since I'M the one to request it...but i dunno. i asked for a version like was in the video. elin bard and bear playing a duet together. this looks like the 2 mods have been merged, as is, together into 1 mod.


i'm a bit hesitant to install this, as i've been using the old Bearzerk (and Bear Musician) just fine w/ none of the bugs reported in this version (T-pose, invisi-bears). when i requested this, i actually didn't think it'd get made so i came up w/ a plan. i was gonna use the old elinbard, and i have AFT. so was gonna make her a follower but have her stay at the college. then w/ AFT i could summon her to play anytime. i also have CSA Tag, so i could tag her and summon. then, when she's summoned, i would cast the bearmusician spell and have them both. of course they'd be playing 2 different songs...which blows. that was the whole point of my request lol.

well, that was my plan, but haven't tried it yet.


i do sincerely thank you both for your hard work! this needs a new video i guess, unless there's nothing new. would love to see her fishing


what is the Bearzerk.ESM for?


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You can play a duet with the bears, just equip the violin near them and both animations will play during the music, just like in the video.  Just so you know, the Elin in the video is not the bard, rather RSV's character.


I have not checked whether the duet will play out if you bring Bearserk with you to the Bard College and ask the Elin bard to play a song for you.  I don't have the time, atm, to find out.


Bearserk.esm adds the bears to the game and is a dependency of the Elin bard plugin.  The Bearserk plugin is a dummy file to make the game load the associated BSA.

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You can play a duet with the bears, just equip the violin near them and both animations will play during the music, just like in the video.  Just so you know, the Elin in the video is not the bard, rather RSV's character.


I have not checked whether the duet will play out if you bring Bearserk with you to the Bard College and ask the Elin bard to play a song for you.  I don't have the time, atm, to find out.


Bearserk.esm adds the bears to the game and is a dependency of the Elin bard plugin.  The Bearserk plugin is a dummy file to make the game load the associated BSA.


great to hear that they do da duet! thanks again so much!

but i can't get this working at all. pretty sure there's something wrong w/ the files. i used 3 files. all but the Installer.

using the non-installer files, Cherniy is always invisible. resurrect or disable/enable is no help. but he will follow. Beliy is visible but will never follow. and i can't find any trace of the 3rd bear, even in console. nothing w/ that name, or even just bern. no bear at that site either. so seems there's something wrong w/ at least the Bearserk portion. i've been using the orig Bearserk just fine for ages (i did totally uninstall that. it's just a bsa and esp anyway). using the translation update doesn't help.


when grabbing the elinbard thru console, she won't have an option to play. i did find her at Dragonbridge inn once and she had the option but would only pull out the bow. not play. this was WITHOUT running FNIS after install.

i'll try the Installer next, but i just want to make sure there's an UNINSTALLER or a way to uninstall it. so how to uninstall? thanks again!



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Provided you have Adobe AIR installed, running the Bard-Bearserk.exe will install the app that is used to create the Bard-Bearserk files.  If I mention "installer", it's the ".exe" that installs the Bard-Bearserk app.  If I mention "app", it's the program that creates the mod files.


If you do not have any mods that require FNIS, go ahead an run the app the create the master/plugins and behavior files.

If you do have mods that require running FNIS Generator for Users, go ahead and run the generator to create the behavior files then run the Bard-Bearserk app to create the mod files and "update" the existing behavior files.


The Bard-Bearserk app can be uninstalled just like any other Windows app.


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wasnt so much worried about being able to uninstall the installer, just wanted to be able to delete any files that the installer or app adds into my Data files. so i guess i shoulda asked if the APP has an uninstaller for the files added into skyrim folder. basically how do i uninstall the mod if i use the installer lol

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What you can do is create a temp SKYRIM folder in a different location such as the root directory (ex., C:\Skyrim).  Open the temp Skyrim folder and create a DATA folder then copy "Update.bsa" from the actual Skyrim Data folder and paste it in the temp Skyrim Data folder (the app needs to access records found in Update.bsa).


The Bard-Bearserk app needs access to the Skyrim folder and when running the app, it will locate the actual location of the Skyrim folder and ask you to choose (confirm) that folder.  What you can do is choose the "temp" Skyrim folder.  The app will now install the mod files in the temporary folder instead of the actual Skyrim folder.  When done, you can then pack the files/folders and install with a mod manager.


If you have FNIS files (all files created by the FNIS generator), you will need to copy them over to the temp (DATA) folder before running the Bard-Bearserk app.

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well hell...

sadly i can't get this to work...at all.

tried the Installer and did what u said. made a temp folder, but the stuff in it. installer kept saying wrong folder no matter where i put it or placed inside it. i first had Update.bsa as u stated. didn't work. tried update.esm, skyrim.esm, exe, ect. placed the temp folder in C;, desktop, root. nada.


i noticed that the installer had a button "description" i think. it opened a readme w/ exactly what files to remove for uninstall so i let it work on the main skyrim folder. soon as i did that, the installer worked fine. so seems a temp folder won't work. it needs to look in Steam maybe.


but sadly after everything ran, it was CTD upon loading a save. game would get to start menu, but wouldn't load any save. crash. everything looked good. bearserk.esm, and all plugins were added fine, as were defaultmale n female files, behaviors ect. tried it w/ Elinraceidle.esp enabled and disabled....

so i dunno. i feel lousy since i requested this, and would probably be 1 of only a few people to use it, but i give up. it surely could be something on my end, i dunno. i'm fairly confident there's something missing in the ready made versions, because of the invisible bears (not like the description talks of them slowly going invis, but rather Cherniy starts out and is ALWAYS invis, and Berliy (sp) seems to be missing completely and isn't even in console records). i have no idea whats's going on w/ the installer tho.

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When the app asked you to choose the Skyrim folder, did you choose the temp Skyrim folder or did you choose the Data folder within.  Picking the Data folder will fail the installation, you must choose the folder labeled SKYRIM.



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