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LL blocked on my network


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Guest carywinton

Any Anti-Virus Suite that changes the built in security functions of Windows by either turning them off or overriding them is a bad thing. This can also cause problems with obtaining critical windows updates. Top software guilty of this is Symantec and McAfee. Here at our facility we install and use Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes. When a system leaves here after it has been serviced, we hear nothing back for months or years, in this business, no news is good news.

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Guest carywinton

@Chaos63 Google has a built in Filter set at "Moderate" if the filter is turned off, "LL" links will then be visible in the searches.

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Mcafee gave my PC the clap.

Then it wouldn't fire up, it wasn't even the content I use to fap..

I got a new PC and hope Norton doesn't do worse.

Otherwise again I'll have to sneak into mama's purse.




Mcafee is one of the worst things you can get. Just like Internet Explorer, both pieces of doo doo.

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