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  1. I finally have enough material to release my mod. I have to say the truth, it was ready months ago but I corrupted the esp I was working on and had only a really old backup. It was supposed to be a dungeon mod and it now is just a little house mod. I have to thank Leadpipejustice for supporting me creating my first mod ever for Skyrim and helping me taking some of the screenshots. Description This mod is in early pre-alpha, it should be glitch free but it may contain little errors that can easily be fixed, texture related mainly. I'm not aware of any since we playtested t
  2. I think making Ego from scratch using the default races would be easier but then I would have to deal with npcs having her same assets which would definitely ruin my game
  3. I don't know if it would be "legal" to release those meshes tho, since they are property of the modder that made ningheim I guess
  4. I disinstalled skyrim a while ago and now I'm using it just to mod. When I have Ego finished and redone I will think about it but when I tried the main issue was her race, I'm using ningheim for Ego so I can customize her the way I want without touching other npcs. When I loaded her in game her npc counterpart was...off, like something was clearly missing
  5. Oh well it's just a lil house mod that probably no one would care to download. I'm having fun making it though, I might even add a quest to it
  6. I missed writing in this blog to show my progress with Ego, to be fair I missed writing. After a year I think it's a good idea to explain what happened to my character and to me. I left my projects for a desert and a desert I got but it wasn't how I expected it to be, it was inhospitable and hostile. The people living in it were pretty similar to the people I left behind, harsh as the desert during summer and as cold as its nights. Enough to make me question myself why I was there. I tried to find joy in loneliness and I think I managed to do it but I felt it still wasn't the
  7. This is a Demonica character but I hope there's something similar for unp at least
  8. Nevermind that, I found a better one https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5265-carnal-closet/ *edit: double nevermind. This one settles it https://kokoro-uunpwardrobe.tumblr.com/post/167794372114/allaboutkokoro-bdo-musa-0102-female-uunp-v11
  9. I searched everywhere for a good bamboo hat and I only found one in Bobs Armory but it definitely is too big and comes in a 1gb package. Then I found these screenshots in a chinese modding site. Anyone got an idea where I can download it?
  10. It's a rework of her Soul Calibur outfit, so it is almost as old as her
  11. Still working on Ego, a lot happened but I'm not in the mood to write. I will when needed, just wanted to share my improvements
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