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Thief Build


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I've done a few characters in Skyrim

I'm most definitely a spellsword player

My main is ascended to Daedric level, even on legendary difficulty she barely breaks a sweat. It feels pretty badass, but sometimes it gets too easy


That's why I have other characters

I got no trouble with the ones who use magic or paladins who can heal and use shields and heavy armor.

My necromancer just sits back and relaxes while her undead army does all the dirty work

Even an assassin can make a living by hiding and sneaking, shooting things from a safe distance and then hiding (that and she's also a shapeshifter in case of emergency)




Is the thief the one I'm having trouble with


I made a few limitations in the name of immersion

1.- No bow, shes a thief, not a long range assassin. Daggers occasionally, mostly dual axes

2.- No healing spells. That's what makes paladin and spellsword easy, she's supposedly a thief (/warrior), JUST a thief, not a mage thief

3.- Lot of alchemy... healing and poison mostly

4.- No magic.... of ANY kind... shouts are accepted cause that's not exactly a mage's magic


I consider in the name of immersion it is of VITAL importance that thieves should be restricted to what a thief could do, that includes pickpocketing, sneaking, lockpicking, bartering, a bit of fighting, brawling, perhaps using one handed weapons, and perhaps using a bow, not necessarily both. But NO magic... unless you're intentionally a mage who likes stealing shit

Everyone's entitled to their own mixture, some people even develops ALL skills and has a thief/assassin/mage/necromancer/paladin/warrior/merchant and God knows what else... but I like to keep it immersive


So how the hell do I kill them goddamned dragons?


I'm using Deadly Dragons... So I cant even get close to the fuckers without getting toasted...

At least with a bow I could shoot them and then hide behind a rock

But I didnt like the look of her with a quiver and I thought why the hell must all thieves use a bow? What if you're a thief who cant use one? Same goes for warrior with no magic or bows. Warriors USUALLY are really stupid in magic


So any ideas? BESIDES a companion?

Or I'm just doomed to use the frigging bow?

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Ok you might like what I have to say or not.


There are two things in the game Perks and Points:

Perks is what makes you special. It is your specialization. Focus only on those skills like Sneak first. If you cannot get the next level wait. Focus on two skills at first. I use Sneak and One handed.



Points increase the skill level of the task at hand. Your basic competence. Points are gained through using said skill. Points can also be bought throughout the game at all levels (5 per level) for coin. I would use this to rapidly improve the core skills of which ever character you are desiring. In this case Sneak, and One handed. Sneak for avoidance of troubles and One Handed to fix any troubles that might arise.



complement your skill and play through. If you are weak they need to be strong, If you fight close up they need to be able to be good at a distance. You get the idea. Good investment especially at low levels.


Your solution.


Use a Khajiit, (since you don't want a bow or magic, otherwise Bosmer (bow) or Dumnmer (magic). Sneak skills are high on this one already. Keep focus on Sneak. Then work your way to Whiterun and save, as much money as possible, cash out and find the Redguard and buy as much One handed as possible. Afterwards leave and go to Riften and try to join the Theifs guild. Get your Lock pick and pick pocket high enough to pass the first quest given and get the invited to the rat sewers. After meeting the gang. hold off the rest of the quest as you are quite low in skill. Steal various things around riften, Whiterun, some random barrows, merchants and such get your "coin' up. Now you can fence the stolen items. Make coin. and each level increase your "points" Keep placing your perks on the core skills. Sneak, One handed until you are very comfortable. (overpowered) then alternate to other complementary skllls. Alchemy, Lockpick, Pickpocket. etc. Somewhere around level 10 or 15 you will be ready to complete the thief's quest. Honey glow and other quests. When completed you will have a very capable skill set, a den, coin, and equipment that should set you up for more thief related skills.


On a side note you can run the dark brotherhood as well as the thief's guild at the same time. The dark brotherhood gives you even more stuff after completing the quests and it is lore friendly as a thief founded the dark brotherhood or something along those lines. or so I have read.


The dragon is covered with the one handed and some investment in armor. Find or make enchanted armor. That and a companion to take the brunt of the work.

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Wow thanks Ritual!


Unfortunately that ship is long sailed  :-/

Call it a mistake but whenever I want a new character, I first design the look, then the character...

My thief is actually Aanee, my Argonian char




She's pretty sneaky, good a emptying people's pockets, finding treasure and stabbing people in the back

She can even stand a fair fight using dual axes

No problem with any normal enemy. Either sneak-kill it, fair fight it or pass it unseen

But dragons...


I forgot to say about perks and skills, I'm using SPERG which makes leveling a lot more entertaining and gratifying

I got Deadly Dragons because I got tired of mammoths killing my dragons

But that makes that fire breath a lot more annoying. It's really hard to get close to them without getting scorched


Perhaps leveling the hell out of "one hand" and stun them with power attacks?


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Ok, real talk here.

I don't know the details of SPERG nor your settings for Deadly Dragon but considering you changed the gameplay away from vanilla you need to consider if those changes are healthy for your overall goal if what you want is to play a melee only thief character.

In Skyrim skill levels and perks are all eventually pointless, with the newest patch you can get all skill to 100, and all the perks you'll ever need. The only thing that matters are health, magicka, and stamina. You can argue that depending on your early skill/perk choice you might or might not "peak early" if you just want to play a single style.


If dragon fire gives you problem you are just going to have to turn to alchemy and enchant for resist gear if you want to fight them head on without a bow.

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Get points in one hand. However many levels have been lost and those points possibilities are gone. If it becomes too hard lower the difficulty for the deathly dragons in the MCM or at least so I have read. At this point you might just have to put perks into the One handed to get the added benifit of the bonuses just to survive.


You do have Histskin and if you save a level up just in case you come across the dragon you can use a level to replenish your health, stamina and even magic. Only once in the battle but can make the difference.


Seems like you will be making alot of health potions. Hopefully they are highly concentrated... lol.


Following what I posted above even my thief with some care could kill a dragon at level 5. It is difficult and need lots of healing potions but can do it (the quest by the tower with the guards helping of course.) I however  haven't made them more difficult or even impossible.

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Since using a bow is out, there is another range weapon option that is more "thief-like".  I use the mod "Throwing Weapons Redux" ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36147/? ).  You can throw daggers, axes, javelins (may be outside the "thief-like" criteria), and grenades (not a big fan of the grenades myself, but the flame and ice grenades are OK).  Also getting the right shouts can help (maxing out fire and frost breath, marked for death to reduce armor. unrelenting force to stop the dragon's shout, etc.)  Also anything that reduces the cooldown of shouts is useful (greybeard cloak if using "Cloaks of Skyrim", Talos amulet,etc).

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No problem with any normal enemy. Either sneak-kill it, fair fight it or pass it unseen

But dragons...

Magic resistance man. Loads of it.

Its one of your top priorities if you want to even consider playing on legendary. It caps at 90% and this is how much of it you should have.

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Nothing wrong with a little bow. Only what you can obtain through normal usage though. No paying for training just use it whenever you get a chance it will increase on its own. Especially if you have the Thief stone enabled.


Which made me think is the thief stone the best for this or is another stone better after you have leveled a bit?

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Same % in both cases. Thief stone is 20%, Lover's Comfort and Lover Stone are both 15%

Lover's Comfort is supposedly the temporary version of Lover Stone effect, that could also be the reason why they don't stack especially well.


Some clam that by having the Aetherial Crown carries the Lover Stone effect, removing the crown, go to sleep, wake up then reequip the crown will get the effect of both Lover's Comfort and Lover Stone. I can't verify if that's true or not.


And since we are within these forums, I wonder if Sexlab Arousal when satisfied also adds on top of that.


Realistically however I question the needs for that. By the time you get the Crown legitimately you could have power level with just the one standing stone with rested or well rested state. By the time you get the Crown, you are deciding if the extra standing stone effect is worth the slot and enchantments.

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I have one suggestion : using a crossbow instead of a bow. Bolt quivers are far more smaller and discreet than the arrow ones. Plus, in case of roleplay, it's far more simplier to use a crossbow instead of a bow. Bow usage needs years of practice to be a bit efficient. Crossbows instead are more "point and shout", so more suited for a occasionnal user.


And crossbows are more powerfull too (contrebalanced by the fact than reload times are higher).

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