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[TTW] Megaton Mod


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This is something I've been fiddling with and adding stuff to for TTW. The plan is to have a single mod handling all the changes and additions to Megaton. I took More2Megaton and Megaton Return, converted them to TTW and merged them, and added in some basic Sexout functionality. I'm uploading it in the hopes it can become something of a collaborative effort, as there's plenty of unused doors added by More2Megaton that are just begging to have new content added in behind them. If anybody wants to make a short lorefriendly piece of content in Megaton (a new business, an original character, a romance quest, etc.) I'll be super-happy to merge it in. There's a limited amount of doors in Megaton and I can't do worldspaces for the life of me, so if you have an awesome idea that needs a little house or shack of its own, feel free to speak up and get a door 'reserved'. I'm open to all suggestions and ideas you want to throw my way, but right now progress on this is going at a snail's pace. That's why I'm hoping to open it up to other people. If you like the idea of making anything on the "planned features" list yourself, feel free to claim it for yourself.



- Requires TTW. http://taleoftwowastelands.com/

- Requires Sexout. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24614-sexoutng/

- Requires assets from Megaton Return. Install everything and delete the plugins. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/18055/?

- Requires assets from More2Megaton. Install everything and delete the plugins. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/15087/?

- Rename the More2Megaton.esp folder in Data/Sound/Voice to MegatonFun.esp 

- Unzip my archive to /data.


If you're planning to use this in a save game, remove everything you want to keep from your player house before installing. If you already have the Megaton Player House key, you can skip the whole "buying the house" quest.



- More2Megaton and Megaton Return working together without CTD


- MegatonReturn house is modified for TTW use

- New quest to obtain the player house. Ask Simms for citizenship, then look for somebody to sell the house to you.

- Oven has campfire functionality. Coffee-maker added to kitchen for IMCN users.

- Armoury containers renamed to conform to TTW items

- The moving kitchen cabinet now retains all items when you activate the secret door switch

- Teleporter removed for lore-friendliness. I'll probably add some shelving or something there instead.

- Trash cans no longer marked as (respawning), but they do respawn. Don't store items you want to keep in them.


- More2Megaton bugfixed

- Numerous spelling, punctuation and capitalisation errors fixed

- Some serious quest bugfixes ; you can now properly become Sheriff

- Some annoying and pointless quest items are no longer quest items 

- The major attack on Megaton caused CTDs like crazy, so it's disabled until I find the cause


- Sexout Functionality

- Basic interaction with Nova

- Female jet addicts can trade sex for jet with Leo Stahl

- Female jet addicts can solicit sex for caps outdoors. Works best at night. Unlocked via Leo Stahl's jet deals.



- Expanded House Quest. The idea is to have the player start with an empty metal shack and have to deal with contracters and scavengers to outfit and upgrade everything in it.

- Human Maid or Butler available for hire or purchase from Paradise.

- Romance quests for Jericho and other popular NPCs

- Option for male jet addicts to trade sex for jet with Silver

- Option to work at Moriartys (trying to find an appropriate way to integrate this)

- Possibility to be arrested for lewd or unsightly behavior and spend some time in the cells.

- Possibility to become enslaved or indentured if you fail to repay a loan on time

- Chem Lab with repeatable quests and an unsavoury NPC in the "shady shack" halfway up the stairs to the common house

- Dog kennel for purchasing meat or simple canine companions. I won't be Sexout-ifying this, but I won't prevent others from doing so.

- A lonely electrician (possibly some kind of outcast or android) living in the power substation. Repeatable quests, etc. 

- There are still plenty of other doors that new content could be made for. Let me know if you want to reserve one.



- The player home in Megaton is 99.9% the work of Gary62. I just tweaked it a bit. If anything in the player home sucks, it's probably my fault and not his.

- The new quests, characters and layout to Megaton are the work of NDCowdy. I haven't changed anything there yet except to bugfix.

- The jetwhore outfit is the work of Evilrunner. Be sure to thank him.



The author of More2Megaton (ndcowdy) requires permission to modify his work, but hasn't been active on the nexus for over a year. Since I'm a horrible human being who cares more about my enjoyment of the Fallout Universe than about the non-existent copyright laws  that protect peoples Fallout mods, I didn't bother to ask for permission and am sharing this anyway. Because I'm simply that awful.


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Oooo looks interesting. Watching this for now Sexout really needs more TTW mods. Since TTW is really becoming popular ever since the Fallout 4 hub-bub. I even gota few of my friends just to buy FO3 along with FNV just for TTW and they don't regret it :D


It's like adding two games


FO3 + FNV = like 3 games in one :D (see what I did there?) + mods = the equivalent of dozens of games all in one :D


I think you should require TTW Interiors here since it makes the Megaton house so much better.


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Do you know how well this mod will interact with the TTW mods here at lovers? A couple of them add changes to the Sharif, nova,etc.


I don't know yet, I'll download them and take a look.


I think you should require TTW Interiors here since it makes the Megaton house so much better.



The Megaton Return house replaces the vanilla/Interiors house in this mod, and you can use it with TTW Interiors (I do). Give it a try and if you still prefer the Interiors house I'll bust out a quick patch for you to swap the door.


So far a lot seems to be great. The tower with what sounds like a ghoul doesn't work. and so far none of the listed sexout content works.

overall i like it so far.


If you mean the electrical substation with the intercom, that was never fully implemented by M2M, and I'll be adding something in when I get around to it. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you mean by the ghoul tower.


The sexout content should work ; keep in mind that you have to rent the room and follow Nova up to it like in vanilla, she won't bangbang you on the saloon floor in front of everybody. To access Leo Stahl you have to be female, know about Leo's chem habit and have blackmailed him into becoming your dealer, be addicted to jet, not currently high on jet, and (I think) have no jet in your inventory. It also has to be done in the Water Tower. I added in all those requirements because otherwise it seems really inappropriate for the Vault Dweller to be offering such a thing. If Walter's in the room Leo will say something about needing privacy and Walter will immediately head for the saloon for a drink. Just wait until he leaves the building and try again. To become a street prostitute just ask Leo for the same deal again on the same day, and then talk to people outside with the outfit equipped (there's a big negative hit to your chances if you're Daytime Hooking). You'll need SmallerTalk for the "Megaton Settler" people, but not for the Megatoners, Scavengers, Hunters, named characters, etc. You can't solicit to the Sheriff, Deputy or Leo himself.


If you fulfilled these requirements and it still didn't work, could you post your load order?

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You'll generally have to play from before that decision if you want to access his content. When I get around to adding in the chem-lab there'll be alternatives for a jetfiend character who successfully intervened Leo.


But in the meantime, here's a plugin to reverse your decision. You can disable and delete it after it removes the vendor key. 


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He did "relapse" and he would sell to me but since I looted his Stash Cabinet once I made him repent in my earlier save  his inventory was empty. I also couldn't trigger the Prostitution aspect and eventually the option to get a fix vanished. Not sure if that's intentional. I haven't tried it lately as I've been questing. >.>

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To trigger the prostitution you just have to ask him for another fix on the same day (If I remember right he becomes ready to trade sex for jet again 0.75 of a day after the last time. Let your high wear off and ask him again before then and he'll give you the prostitute outfit).


His inventory should be restocked via script so ensure he never completely runs out of jet (that's a stopgap until I bring in some jet courier jobs), so if it looks empty then there might have been a problem with my relapse.esp. Next time you're in Megaton would you mind using the console to unlock the desk, put a single chem item in it, then check if he'll sell it to you? If he won't, I'll send you a plugin to fix it.


The get-a-fix dialogue shouldn't disappear. The only prerequisites for it to show up are as follows...


- Female PC

- Are in the water treatment plant

- Extorted Leo into becoming your dealer

- Addicted to Jet

- Not currently high on Jet


If you fulfill all of those, there's another possibility ; when you've successfully intervention Leo I seem to remember that his dialogue changes after a few days, from something like "things are tough right now" to "things are getting easier". It's possible that you started a timer when you interventioned him, and it was still running despite his relapse. When it expired your quest status might have changed from 'extorted into being a dealer' to 'convinced him to quit drugs'. If you disable the relapse.esp, cleansave, then re-enable it, that wlil probably fix it.

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Broz won't give me the option to buy the house.

*edit <1/6/2015 10:48am>*

Found another issue Doc will only let you respond these (I have >4000 caps due to above issue)

> Actually, I don't have 75 caps.  (he said it would be 50 prior)

> On second thought, I'll be fine.

> But I have no money.

(testing to see, if problem two is related.  If not it will be struck-out.)

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You know 100% of the dudes who play a female character in Sexout are straight, right? You know homosexual males don't like watching women have sex? You know you're giving the impression that you talk like a valley girl while futily trying to convince everyone else you're totally straight by using question marks after things that aren't questions?

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Well then. I feel like a fool. I just posted another topic asking if this game works with Tale of Two Wastelands after doing a search for 'tale of two wastelands' in the searchbar. Thanks for making this.

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