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  1. So maybe I'm retarded and missing something obvious, but if you install Flowergirls for Skyrim how are you supposed to be able to get off with both your hands full of VR controllers, standing up and difficulty of finding your lotion or lube or whatever you use? Is it really easier than I'm imagining it or is it a big let down?
  2. CataclysmRising


    I thought the whole point of having a female character was to get fucked?
  3. CataclysmRising

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    If I use bodyslide to change the my installed body's sizes, will it screw up all the collisions? I like a bodyslide with an extremely busty high-end and a flat bottom end.
  4. CataclysmRising

    SexLab Framework Development

    Quick question: I've heard a bit about FootIK making some animations look wrong (or at least the feet) and some animation authors recommended this mod. Is it possible to build something like that into sexlab to fire automatically, or at least as an option the animation can call on? Would that be helpful or just unnecessary scripting and work? I've got not clue, but I figured if it was a good idea it might help. Otherwise ignore me and my ignorant suggestions. Thanks for the continued work on this amazing mod.
  5. CataclysmRising

    Vampire Thrall Sex Slaves

    Can you toggle off options in the MCM menu? If I'm playing a guy I can promise you I NEVER want my slaves to fuck my ass. I'm a stick in the mud but you can't shove a stick in MY mudhole, so I'd rather not need to scroll past that option. If not consider adding this feature. I'm going to use this when I become a Vampire regardless. <3 Thanks!
  6. CataclysmRising

    Essential Flag Being Removed

    So I'm having trouble figuring out what's removing the essential flag from my character and ruining both DA and Defeat. If anyone can notice a problem after a glace I'd be really appreciative. The flag is removed by the way. Even if I disable and re-enable essential on DA and get the flag, after a couple seconds the flag is removed again, even if I don't load. Thanks for the help.
  7. My game is pretty stable, at first, but slow to load even on an SSD and recently my save began crashing. I'm hoping for some help deciding what to remove, as I'm not sure what the heaviest plugins are and biased when it comes to looking for problems. If you know of lighter-versions of anything that still provides some/all of the functionality I'd also appreciate it. Any and all advice is helpful, thanks. I have a few merges, only the armor one could be a problem if you think that's what is slowing the game down. As a note I want to keep as many new NPC plugins as possible. I'd rather have worse graphics and warzones than visa-versa.
  8. CataclysmRising

    Corintio's Progressive Slavetats

    I can't wait for the triggers. Also I'd like to see a couple like "impregnate me" and "cum inside." Maybe "Rape me" on the forehead.
  9. CataclysmRising

    SexLab Horrible Harassment

    I'd like to see the rape not happen if the spell misses, so competent dragonborns have a chance to avoid it. I also love the drugged drink idea. I couldn't use the mod if my powerful warrior who's killed a hundred mages can't deal with a single spell they see coming a mile away. Too bad you have no intrest in developing this, it could be so good.
  10. CataclysmRising

    Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition

    This might be the best bug ever.
  11. CataclysmRising

    Quick As You Like! (A Devious Adventure)

    Thanks for the clarification doc. I too agree with the idea of a hard cap at the end. As far as removing the tats/meatstamp, maybe make the face sculptor do it?
  12. CataclysmRising

    Quick As You Like! (A Devious Adventure)

    Are there any adult Skyrim quest mods that are safe and stable? Touche! Most of them don't have a red warning claiming they're going to ruin your save for suresies though.
  13. CataclysmRising

    Get Stripped! Again!

    The idea of a cat fight is awesome. What I want to see is the ability to make it impossible to get stripped if your weapon or fists are out and you're facing the stripper. Maybe figure out some reason that the crazy powerful dragonborn can't stop a girl or two from ripping their cloths off? What about some effects upon attacking and killing the strippers? Like if you attack them they launch paralyzing spells at you that increase arousal of nearby NPCs by a lot to buy themselves time to escape. Then if you're able to kill one of them some sort of hit is put out on you that causes random attacks by powerful NPCs with poisoned daggers that will knock you out and then bring you somewhere to have naughty stuff done to you. Lastly any ballpark ETA for v3?
  14. CataclysmRising

    Quick As You Like! (A Devious Adventure)

    Honest question: Why is it taking so long to get a version that's fairly safe and stable? I'm not trying to be critical or anything, I'm just honestly curious what setbacks you've faced or why your process takes longer. Looking forward to a stable version!
  15. CataclysmRising

    Estrus Chaurus+

    Considering the EC Spider addon seems to be abandoned, would you consider adding the option into this mod to let spider's spit have the same effect? I'm not sure how much work it would be. I'd assume it would be pretty easy to reuse many scripts and resources, but I'm not knowledgeable in modding and could be dead wrong.