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Use 3d modeling software for drawing/illustration reference?


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Hola all! I'm doing some digital illustrations/erotica, and honestly i'm finding my figure drawing skills a little lacking. Like many, I use pictures from the internet for reference and inspiration, but sometimes I just can't find the right pose or picture for what I want. So, I thought, maybe I could use a 3d modeling program and some free models for posing and reference purposes. Does anyone know what would be some good, free 3d programs you'd recommend? I've heard Daz3d isn't bad, but I also know a ton of people here use Blender and Poser. What would you, the experts, recommend? Gratzi for your help!


My in the works DA page:


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Purely for anatomy reference purposes a complete 3d suite like Blender or Max would be overkill, not to mention that those programs would require you to create and rig your own human figure first - not exactly an easy task.


Unless you intend to create your own 3d content you probably want to go with either Poser or Daz3d as they're dedicated posing tools with controls and interfaces to reflect that - also there is a ton of free and commercial content available for both of them.

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Blender is free and works well for Oblivion and Fallout\FNV.

3dsMax costs money and works better for Skyrim.


As to "posing" if you are making animations to pose stuff in game then my previous post is indeed relevant.

If you are looking for a program to "pose" stuff in to take your pictures then neither one will probably be what you are looking for as they are fairly complicated to learn to use.

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