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[Outdated] Test project for lovers Creatures

Guest Donkey

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Guest Donkey

that is correct, she cast a spell and then you will start squeezing your breast. if i had better animation i would have at-least make it look like the fuck bunny was actually squeezing your breast. but alas there is no such animation yet.

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Guest Donkey

I am currently testing, the running dog during sex animation where really annoying. and if you are playing mods like lovers bitch or Crowning-Isle this will be more visible. Especially when the dog was running already before the sex acts started.


So far testing looks very promising. But still it could happen on very rare occurrence so i added a button to your menu to reset his state before sex starts.


Here is the layout for the new one (Not released yet)

Also made small sample video in download section.

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Info from Donkey.



You guys have probably already noticed. But because of other games and short space of harddrive.

I decided to remove all contents of oblivion to make space for other games like New vegas and skyrim


And because of this i no longer support oblivion or will update or create new content for it. Because of this

I give permission for others who wants to make new additions based of my work to continue with there progress.


The only thing i do ask. If you are using anything from me not to forget to mention my name, because i spend allot

of time creating those mods and translations.


Donkey Signing off for Oblivion..


The only mod i did not give permission to create new stuff is animation project, because i don't want anyone messing that one up since i spend most of time creating that one. it was created from the ground up, so all of it was my own work.




Topic Closed on Request.

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I am locking this thread at the request of the mod maker. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this mod in the lovers technical help section. Before creating a thread, please read the post at the top of the tech help thread and then look to see if a thread already exists regarding the plugin or question you have. If there is no thread present then feel free to create one and someone will try to give you hand.

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