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  1. Very beautiful hairs there! Thank you for sharing this mod with us .
  2. Wow very nice! This goes well for my mage character! Thanks Leocid2!
  3. Thanks for doing these conversions and keep it up! I really like the manga body, and TBBP!
  4. Ever since playing League of Legends I really appreciated the song tracks Riot puts out. Still one of my favorite is the theme song during Champion Selection [Ranked]. It just sets the mood seriously and pumps me up! [video=youtube]
  5. I'm playing a lot of minecraft recently. I wasn't into the whole MC phase when it came out a long time ago. But my friends recently got me into it and I really got addicted.
  6. Where did you get those clothes?
  7. [Ghost in the Skyrim] http://skyrimghost.blog.fc2.com/ I really like this blog
  8. Ah alright I guess, I didn't fully extract the files correctly. Having no issues with the studded armor and tavern clothes.
  9. Oh okay, just checking to be sure since I know its only at 80%, just don't know what haven't been converted yet. Btw anyone have a problem with prisoner rags too? (the feet don't appear). Also my studded armor still displays the default mesh?
  10. Hrmm some problems I have ran into are; -Tavern clothes, not sure if they are supposed to be purple? -Some weird texture issues with Noble Clothing (Nipples seem distorted) Question is what armor is that above the bottom row? The one Jarl of Solitude is wearing?
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