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Young Sister Race (Chinese Mod )

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Hi everyone, I'm a new member of yours and sorry for my ugly english, I'm a damn frog-eater (frenchie).


I love so much your forum because its mature (and have porno avatars) and if I'm not wrong, you talk about the more and less illegaly mods with copyright and all of this shit !


Well, for this topic my question is :


Have anyone who is able to do a Non-Replacer version of this mod because I love the Vanilla's default faces.


And its the same shit for Lightning Non-Mask version (its non mask version, maybe, but with this, my imperial seems to be... artificial.


I really love korean/japanese/chinese races but not when its replace the default one.


Well, if I must wait for the TESCS I wait...






[i have tesing this mod and I didn't know how to have a result finish like in those screenshots, characters seems to be different but to create a young character I did'n know...]


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey guys

I cant get my char to looks like the one in the photo, somehow only the warpaint and hair got in my game.

Tried with imperial class, got only the default faces and body, its so diferent from the one in the photo....


Sry for my bad english, im from BRAZIL ^_^

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