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Ark of Truth

Getting Started with SexLab - How to install SexLab and its requirements

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Please do not ask for support in this thread, if you require support making any of this work please post here.



Getting Started with SexLab

A guide to installing and setting up SexLab



----- Introduction -------------------------------------------

Sometimes setting up SexLab can be tough, especially if you are new to modding. This guide has been created by a user for users.


This guide will show you how to install SexLab and its requirements as well as show you how to configure SexLab to get animations working both with NPCs and creatures.



----- Important information to note before continuing -------------------------------------------


  • LoversLab does not support piracy in anyway, shape or form. Users wanting help install SexLab with pirated copies should not ask or expect support.
  • Support is only given for Skyrim version 1.9.32




----- Frequently Asked Questions -------------------------------------------


Ashal has created a nice FAQ answering some of the most asked question about SexLab, you can access it here.


Questions about this guide can be found here.




----- What you will need -------------------------------------------

You will need to download the following files and mods before you begin. Download them to a folder located on your desktop and unpack them all into separate folders.

  • Skyrim Script Extender (The guide will be referring to this as SKSE)
  • Fore's New Idles in Skyrim (The files you need are listed below, this is a Nexus link)
    • FNIS Behaviuor v4.1.1 - ALWAYS necessary
    • FNIS Idle Spells v4.0.2 - ADD ON for the spells (Optional, not needed but the guide will cover its installation)
    • FNIS Creature Pack version 4.1 or newer is required only if you want creature animation support in SexLab, otherwise it is not required.
  • SexLab Framework 1.35
  • SkyUI




----- Manual install procedure for SexLab, FNIS and SKSE -------------------------------------------

Tip for Windows 7 and 8 users: Open the folder containing the unpacked mods and Skyrim directory side by side using the Snap feature. This will make installing SexLab and it's requirements easier.


  1. Copy the contents of the SKSE folder to the main Skyrim directory, this is the folder which contains the Data folder.
  2. Copy the contents of the FNIS Behaviuor v4.1.1 - ALWAYS necessary folder to the Skyrim Data folder, this is the folder which contains the meshes and texture folders.
  3. (Optional) Copy the contents of the FNIS Idle Spells v4.0.2 - ADD ON for the spells folder to the Skyrim Data folder.
  4. (Optional) Copy the contents of the FNIS Creature Pack 4.1 folder to the Skyrim Data folder. When asked overwrite files.
  5. Copy the contents of the SexLab Framework 1.39 folder to the Skyrim Data folder. Overwrite existing files if it asks.
  6. Copy the contents of the SkyUI folder to the Skyrim Data folder.
  7. Go to the Skyrim Data folder and find the folder called "Tools", open this folder. If you cannot find this folder do steps 2 to 4 again.
  8. In there you should see two folders, one called GenerateFNIS_for_Modders and another called GenerateFNIS_for_Users.

  9. Open the folder called GenerateFNIS_for_Users.

  10. Run GenerateFNIS_for_Users.exe.

  11. You should now see the FNIS window open up.

  12. If you are using xp32 skeleton then make sure you select "SKELETON Arm Fix" from the menu at the bottom of the window.

  13. Select "Update FNIS BehavioursNote: If you have the creature pack installed it will set these animations up as well.

  14. You should see something like the following appear in the window, this is FNIS reading and configuring mods.

  15. Go to the Skyrim root folder and create a new shortcut for Skyrim by right clicking on SKSE_Loader.exe and select "Send to" and then "Desktop"

  16. Launch Skyrim using the shortcut you just created.

  17. If you followed everything exactly your game should now have FNIS and SexLab installed and in working order.


Please note using just using the SexLab Framework by itself does nothing, you need a plugin like SexLab Romance installed in order to make use of the framework.


In order to find SexLab based mods you should head towards the SexLab section of the download area or go to the thread here which LaEspada has created indexing all SexLab mods. Simply download the mod you want to install, install it to the Skyrim Data folder using the instructions located within the readme or mod description page and load the plugin AFTER SexLab.esm.




----- Configuring SexLab in game using Mod Configuration Menu -------------------------------------------


- Currently in development -




----- Credits -------------------------------------------


Getting Started with SexLab:
Ark of Truth



SexLab Project Owner, Thread layout:


A full credits for SexLab based work list can be found here.

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