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[Mod][Wip] Beeing Female (For Ssl 1.5)


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Latest version can be found on page 92


(Go to Page 92 HERE )





maybe someone heard of it, but Trixy stoped playing Skyrim and so there is no Support for the mod Sexlab Procreation. I asked Trixy to continue developing. But the ideas i had couldn't be added to the existing code, so i decided to delete the old code and starting a complete new mod. This mod is a complete new one with the nearly the same interface and menstrual and pregnacy phases.


Sexlab Procreation is a mod for skyrim that allows the Player to become pregnant when having sex.

Procreation can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/262-sexlab-procreation/



Beeing female is a Remake of Procreation. It is not compatible with Procreation or Hentai Pregnacy and only requiere Sexlab Framework and Actor Events is required.


What's new in Beeing female:

- NPCs can become pregnant!

- NPCs got a menstrual cycle

- Can save up to 384 uniqu NPCs

- Labor pains added

- I added some kinds of damage (giving birth, Labor pains, Mittelschmerz, menstraul gramps)

- Labor pains and replanish phase are added.

- Animations are added (when taking damage or giving birth)

- Menstrual blood added

- Pregnant water breaking added

- Pregnacy Abortus added

- Loosing the unborn child when drinking to much alcohol or you took to much damage.

- Information Menu

- Male compatiblity (when the Player is a male he got a menu where he can see the womans he impregnate)

- 2 Perks that reduce damage

- Pregnant with up to 6 Babys

- Stop the timer - this makes the state freezing so the Player can stay pregnant.

- Show Stats Info Spell - This spell Shows the state of a woman

- Anti Sperm Essence (cooking recipe to make vinega for washing out sperm - like in old days)

- Ovulution egg traveling delay

- Pregnacy belly scalling is exponential - in the 1. trimster it only scalls up to 20%, in the 2. trimster up to 70% and in the 3. up to 100%

- Menstruating can be very painful, sometimes not.

- Using SexLab Sounds

- ModEvents, Keywords State-Spells for mod developer



At now it's still in progress but most of all Features are done and work great.

The things i still got to do:

- Male compatiblity

- Weight Scaling (Maybe someone can help)

- Text corrections :-) my english isn't realy the best.

- Some bug fixes

- closed beta testing

- MCM Info Menu - adding more informations

- Removing dead NPCs from Savelist to make space for new NPCs (at now 384 NPCs can be saved)








MCM Menu



MCM General Settings



MCM Menstrual Menu



MCM Pregnacy Menu (settings can also be changed when the Player is pregnant)






MCM Info Menu - here you can see your current stats



MCM This menu will be removed before release, sry :-) ... it's useful for me to test all Features



MCM Info - here you can see that my Menstruation pains are dolorous! Ouch!



Some Menstruation blood - at now it's not a gore effect. I'm not sure to Switch it to gore



Giving birth is animated and with a Special camera-view :-)



This is the replanishing Phase - The breasts stay bigger, the belly is a bit bigger as normal and everything is scalling back to normal after time. THe Player can't become pregnant when replanishing



The anti sperm essence :-) ... it's only a bottle with vinegar. That's what the peaple used in early days



The Debug Messages say that this NPC is pregnant with 1 Child!!! :-) Good Job Player



Ok now this NPC Looks pregnant too :)



The NPC is about to give birth.... the pregnant water just broke



NPCs also got a birth animation



Here you can see the 2 new Perks



Oh my goodness - The unborn Baby got -4% health! it's dead :( ... we Need to prepare for some pains



We've lose the Baby.... we are already bleeding



And here we see all NPCs we have sperm inside








Q: What target this mod force - what is it all about?

A: I want to have more realistic female actors in the game - This mod gives a almost complete and hopefuly realistic menstruation cycle to the Female Actors. For sure the real menstruation cylce is even more complex but i thik the most importent things i could include.


Q: i had labor pains - but there is no baby and i can't wait anymore

A: Wait.... just wait :) giving birth takes a while


Q: is Female / Female supported?

A: No sorry. It's not possible to create F/F pregnancy - or i don't know how to do it. The Problem is, it's not easy to check who of the actors had the "Male" and who had the "Female" position. So both actors would become pregnant, when the woman that had the male position.


Q: Are creatures supported?

A: Yes. After some requests i made it possible.


Q: I had sax with a female guard / thief. but she can't become pregnant - why?

A: Only unique Actors - that meen Actors with a Name - are supported


Q: Why only uniqu?

A: That's how it is. I got my reason.


Q: I found a bug - what should i do?

A: Would be great if you can post some informations - what happen - what you've done before the bug appeard - in this thread.


Q: I have some problems with the MCM Menu

A: I know that there are some problems with the menu - i'm about to fix those. But you can try this steps. Disable the mod -> Start and load the Game -> create a new save -> quit the game and enable the mod again -> Load the Savegame and wait for the "1 Menu added" Message, the MCM Mod will write.


Q: Where can i download the mod?

A: The Beta can be downloaded in this thread. At now the latest Version can be found on page 92.


Q: You will make the source code public?

A: Yes!


Q: Will the Baby grow to a child or an adult?

A: No. The baby / child won't grow. Even a DragonBorn child needs a few years to grow. It was planed to scale the baby / child a little bit but that's all.




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HentaiPregnancy is different to Procreation and mine. Procreation and Beeing female got a complete menstrual cycle and brings all the Problems females may can have :)

I don't think it's a competition. Some people like HentaiPregnancy, some People prefer Procreation. Both mods are great.

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It's being.

Yep i know. the EE is because of my normal Nickname i'm using. This should make a connection. :)

But there are many other mistakes... just found "Unbourn health" .... Seems the Babys Name will be Jason... And sometimes i wrote "Menstruation" and sometimes "menstruation"... the spelling should be the same >.<


It looks nice, much better than the previous mods like this but I'm a bit worried about how script intensive it will be : /

me 2..... it works pritty well on my Computer and got some many other mods running, too.

At now there are around 4000 lines of code and with Papyrus there aren't many ways to optimize the Speed like in C, C++, Java, Basic and Co.

But i will try my best ;-)

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Is it possible to not have the perk tree when playing as a male? The perk tree might also mess with other overhauls mods that change entire perk trees. Other than that, is it possible to have a spell that you can use which tells you what phase an NPC female is in? Finally, is there anything related to breast milk production after pregnancy in this mod?

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Is it possible to not have the perk tree when playing as a male? The perk tree might also mess with other overhauls mods that change entire perk trees. Other than that, is it possible to have a spell that you can use which tells you what phase an NPC female is in? Finally, is there anything related to breast milk production after pregnancy in this mod?

OK, the perk tree will be an add-on

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How about creature pregnancy? Get pregnant by creature?


Is birthing the child will became an instant grown-up child or a baby item in the inventory?


How about giving birth to non-human creature babies? Multiple puppies, eggs? Can the egg hatch one day?


How about lactation?



Sorry for asking to much... :P


I wonder if you are trying to make the most complete pregnancy mod ever?

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Pregnant by creature should be possible in theory if you make a new template for each creature and then you can change the size of that template, other creatures in world will remain with their size but the new creature changes size. Limitation would be that you can only have as many puppies as you made templates. If you give birth to two or more puppies at once then you can use same template though.

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wow... that was awesome...
It's nice to see it has choice to disable NPC pregnancy, for some people like me (that didn't have powerful rig...)
Just thinking about all that script and for every woman in skyrim.... My Laptop can't handle it  :P

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Creature impregnation is realy easy to make, but i don't want to, sry.

i like realistic mods and creatures can't impregnate humans. But ok, i will try to make some room so it will be possible to add Creature-Pregnacy via a mod.

I included mod Events and Keywords and hidden spells (that Shows the actor state) so it's possible to make mods / add-ons for Beeing female.



At now a normal Skyrim Chils is "Born" :) i wish it would be a Baby (Item) like in Fallout Pregnacy Mod but i don't know how to convert or how to make Baby models. If someone would convert, i would add an Baby Item to the Mod.

And about the lactation, .. it's realisitc, but not on my ToDo List for now. Maybe in future. But when it Comes, it will be a shader, not an Emitter like in HentaiPregnacy.


I wonder if you are trying to make the most complete pregnancy mod ever?

I try my best :) But without Trixy i never could do this.


@saeros: Would be great and maybe i will find out how without using the mod.


Maybe someone can help compiling the Fallout Baby Models to Skyrim.... would be nice :-)


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Question how are you going to represent non-human races as children?  I know so far that the only children I have seen in skyrim are "nord" or maybe even "redguard" though it's just a nord child with a darker skin tone, what about elves, orc, khajhit, and god forbid argonian? (I know you lusty argonian maid pervs out there.....I'm watching you ;p ))

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@aravis7: Looks great :)

i made a texture in Photoshop by myself... it's way not that good but it works :)


@Daycrist: At now, there are only nord children. With the baby-mesh it can be possible to make different Textures for the Baby mesh, maybe sometimes own meshes will be supported, who knows. But for now, only Nord.

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