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  1. Indeed you are right, that's why I reinstalled Devious Devices in case something was wrong but that didn't help. I am using Fusion Girl body with ZaZ Extended Skeleton, but wearing it on my character doesn't cause any CTD. Unequipping her clothes via console doesn't cause CTD either. Anyway I bypassed that stage via console command and completed the quest normally, hopefully that doesn't break up any future content.
  2. Hey guys, I am having an issue with the quest belted. I reached the stage where I meet Dr Alice out side vault 111, but I always CTD after she asks me to lock her up. Anyone faced this issue or has a solution? My gut is telling me its an animation related issue.
  3. Really really awesome mod, kudos to you Monoman for nailing it! Eagerly waiting for the iNeed version!
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