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  1. milzschnitte, can you answer my question of how to use a the Birth animations.hkx files in other mods, or somehow just make them usable elsewhere, idk how to do it with creation kit or SSEEdit, can you tell me how to do it, please?

  2. Sry, stopped playing Skyrim a long time ago. I don't even have the necessary files to convert it. It's a modder ressource file. Modders can use it for there mods. (Classic Skyrim only) Yepp, just drop the folders into your skyrim folder actor target = Game.GetPlayerActor() // or however the function was called again - sry it was years ago // Create a camera Scene CamID=FWCamera.CameraCreate("My Test Camera") // Ser the camera to 0,0 inside the head int act1=FWCamera.CameraCreateAction(0,0) FWCamera.MoveFrom_ObjectNode(act1,target, "head
  3. How do you use BeeingFemale birth animation/animations without the BeeingFemale SE mod, or how do you make the .hkx files or something show up in the SSEEdit or creation kit?

    1. Patrick16


      I'm still waiting..

    2. Patrick16


      umm, milzschnitte? could you answer my question?

  4. so i have a question how come when my female gives birth the baby comes out as a kid already instead of a baby like in the video?  

  5. es q el mods BeeingFemale no deja a los gatos tener hijos y yo juego con 

    Khajiit Mujer

  6. Beeing Female:

    Can Not run mod, in MCM writes: FF FF FF FF 00

    When forced to start no information about the cycles of the player

    Female Khajiit

    XP32MSE + CBBE

  7. Ok lost all data when I tried to download WinRAR turned out not so good for me. Ass hole kept downloading stuff mostly pc upkeep stuff and it did not like it when I kept deleting  them. Needless to say I lost everything, Dolls for skyrim, Sassyteen girls both Skyrim and SSE, Cute adoptable vampires Skyrim, Beingfemale dll file download for beingFemale se. I can not find it anywhere went to the page where I got it before and did not see anymore so every time I load Beingfemale se and launch the game I get an instance crash. Be nice if you help if you could help with all but I'll settle for Beingfemale se fix. Do not know who else to contact not even sure if your just a member, up keeper or what. I just keep seeing your name pop up.

  8. I removed the "Don't use" thing... feel free to use it. The problem with Exit Skyrim during the camera animation still exists. You can't quit skyrim during the animation... you must wait till the animation is over
  9. Right now I don't know anything, but ages ago I released a Modder Resource for animated cameras where modders can create camera animations (I had SexLab in mind so it's optimized for SexLab as well) But it's just a resource.... an SKSE Plugin + Papyrus functions. It's not script heavy and works pritty smoothly. There is only one bug left.. you can't exit Skyrim untill the camera animation is running... Skyrim will quit when the animation (sex scene) is over. It even has "LookAt" and "LookAt Bone" functions.... so you can make the camera rotate around the player, and the
  10. I'm realy glad that Banemaster, uncle and everyone else won't let BeeingFemale die :) I will also take a look into this thread and watch for updates. I don't know when or even if the PapyrusUtil will make it's way to VR... I only can hope. It can be that they will release it today, or maybe in a month or may never :D
  11. I hadn't time to continue development since a long time It's the latest version but you should also download the patch that fixes some bugs and stuff.
  12. Hi all I made the BeeingFemale installer already, included the patch v10 and included a few other AddOns. It's 1 zip archive for Skyrim + SkyrimSE + SkyrimVR ! ... BUT ... the problem is, that SkyrimVR doesn't have the "PapyrusUtil" mod .... This is highly required and I have to wait for it. For the VR version I made an "No SkyUI" option that removes the hud widgets and all the custom windows like the Child Skill and the MCM Menu. Instead I made an json file you can edit with a text editor (like notepad) where you can setup everything. Anyways..... The QuakeCon was last
  13. I think I know what your problem is. It's the Skyrim lore Elfs can impregnate human, and human can impregnate elfs. But the Skyrim lore says, that Humans can't impregnate Khajiit and Khajiit can't impregnate Humans. Same to argonian and all other "Beast races". Beast races can only impregnate there races. But for sure I made an option to deaktivate the lore. Go into the menu and disable the "Lore friendly" option.
  14. Hi Uncle, I'm realy not the body expert, but all I know, UNP diesn't have the belly node by default. Only the UNP with TBBP. You can overwrite the body file of the follower with a TBBP body... In Skyrim you can make CBBE as default body, but also create a custom race with a custom body like UNP... then you have both in the game... CBBE as default and a UNP follower. I hope, this was what you was asking for
  15. Greetings everyone I've fixed some problems for BeeingFemale SE and I've converted BeeingFemale to BeeingFemale VR! But for the VR Version I have to wait for PapyrusUtil VR... The .dll files must be compiled for SKSE VR first (but finaly SKSE VR was released ^^) The SE Version will come as soon as I made a RS Children AddOn .... I couldn't convert the original AddOn to SE ... but finaly it is working... the Translation files are fixed, I've converted the lates Patch to SE and so on
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