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[Project Zomboid] ZomboWin - A ZomboLewd Framework mod

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On 12/24/2023 at 11:45 AM, DecoyAcc said:

Kudos for developing this! Works a lot better than Zombolewd Defeat, though it is a bit funny that other zombies just get force pushed away while an animation is happening.

Thanks, I couldn't think of a better way for us to see the animation when our character was defeated. Usually in a horde, the zombies will just crowd the character and well miss everything! My thought was, they gotta get outta the way!! So I decided to just push them away! Let me know if you have ideas to add too, I'm always open to new ideas!

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Nice job! I been testing this, I know "Dynamic Monologue" Don't work well with this, I get that error and numbers going up fast on it then CTD. I have one Idea! You should mix in https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3042111975  Pregnancy mod!! That be actually cool, Have 50 or whatever chance that the baby can be zomb or not! I think this a cool mod, and can't for future updates! OH and PZNS NPC framework work good for tests and stuff! If anyone interested lol.

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24 minutes ago, Lordchaosc said:

I'd recommend YYM331`s Nude Texture mod, it works fine. Nothing too sexy though

I mean, the textures I have work. The issue is getting zombies to spawn without clothes and I don't believe YYM331 does this either, but correct me if I'm wrong. I did find a mod that kinda works, but it's not perfect. Certainly not to the extent shown in the screenshots.

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On 12/27/2023 at 6:33 PM, KonataKisaragi said:

Hey, sorry to bother but the males are missing genitals when using this mod. Is there another mod I'm missing? Also sorry if I'm asking much, but is there a nude variant of Pear-Shaped Female Body XL? Thanks for the great mod by the way and I'm excited for it's future.

It usually requires a game reboot with the mod enabled to show the genitals and they must not be wearing anything.

22 hours ago, 8utjksdhdf said:

Sorry for being annoying, but how are you getting naked zombies? Tried Ted Beer's but isn't really working. Good mod, btw. Works so much better than ZomboLewd


You're not annoying for asking a question lol. I added the mod (Naked Zombies) I use on the bottom of the first post. It works for most zombies.

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6 hours ago, SolarEdge said:

It usually requires a game reboot with the mod enabled to show the genitals and they must not be wearing anything.

You're not annoying for asking a question lol. I added the mod (Naked Zombies) I use on the bottom of the first post. It works for most zombies.

Thanks a ton, everything works great now. Really excited to see this mod develop as I've already sunk hours into it. My biggest issue with it right now though is that the zombies completely change appearance during a defeat. I found a nude zombie texture I really like so it's kinda disappointing and fantasy breaking when the texture changes. Do you think this could be fixed in the future?

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I really like this one. Good job!


There's a chance to get killed by the opposite gender if you resist too much but also a good chance to escape after defeat.


I also missed the masturbation option so I added it back from the old ZomboLewd with the addition of sounds and also it adds a bit of a perk improvement while doing it (very little) and it works like a charm.


This should get more love.

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While the mod author @SolarEdge implements it, I leave here my version with masturbation.


I added better animations but since I ripped them from some Sims 4 animation pack without permission from their authors I set back the original ones, so in case someone has better animations and is willing to grant permission I would gladly add them.


I haven't tested it with male MC, my MCs are female.




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On 12/24/2023 at 1:34 PM, SolarEdge said:

Happy holidays everyone!


ZomboWin is a ZomboLewd framework mod that is a standalone mod and will NOT work alongside ZomboLewd.
ZomboWin has many assets sourced from multiple skillful content creators at LoversLab and without them, this mod wouldn't be possible! So here's a thanks to them!


Special Thanks to:
ZomboLewd framework developers
DDetrix - male model and animations
LeonidasWho - animations
Flanneldude - strip order fix code

ZomboWin was created to 'integrate' a sex mod into a normal playthrough of Project Zomboid. Meaning playing the game with a sex mod that wouldn't
be game breaking. This mod offers fixes for existing features as well as brand new features to ZomboLewd sex mod.




There are two mods, ZomboWin and ZomboWin Defeat.
ZomboWin is the main mod but currently has less features because it's focus is around players and NPC interactions.
ZomboWin Defeat is the add-on with the most features because it's focused on zombie interactions.


Currently, my main focus on this mod is ZomboWin Defeat, so interactions between zombies will be more fleshed out. 
I have however, found a working NPC mod that is somewhat compatible with ZomboWin. 
The biggest issue is RAM, when RAM runs out, the game crashes. So if you jump through the hoops to get more RAM, you'll be able to play with NPCs.


[Download] Superb Survivors Continued Continued


I have NOT tested this mod in a multiplayer setting, so I cannot give insight on this subject.
Though I do plan on adding multiplayer support when I learn more about LUA coding.


Important Things to Note:
- '60 FPS' is required for the mods to work properly.
- Mod Options from the steam workshop is a must! I've added many more options to choose from to make your playthrough unique and different every time!
- Compatibility, I have only tested these mods with a few mods on Steam Workshop. If you encounter errors, disable ALL mods except ZomboWin and ZomboWin Defeat to rule out compatibility issues.

- Start a new run or character, as there are 20 new traits added to the mod! May cause compatibility issues if mod is added mid-game!

- Traits will be rebalanced or buffed in a future update!


[Download] Mod Options


With Mod Options mod

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Screenshots: ZomboWin + ZomboWin Defeat

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There will only be limited support because I am new to Project Zomboid coding aka LUA. However, I do plan to add more features to both mods in the future!

In the future, expect this mod's features to be rewarding or more difficult and with consequences, following the true spirit of Project Zomboid! Nothing is easy in this game.

I will not be uploading this mod to Steam Workshop as I'm sure it violates their TOS. Anyone who uploads this mod to Steam, does so at their own risk!


If you like my work, consider helping out by donating! I'll appreciate any donations as it shows me that the Project Zomboid sex mod community is still alive!


[Download] ZomboWin Public Release 1.00

ZomboWin PR 1.00.rar 8.17 MB · 905 downloads


Additional Files:


[Download] Naked Zombies (Unknown mod creator)

Naked Zombies.rar 23.51 kB · 310 downloads


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