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Question in regards to clothing


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The only ones that I'm familiar with are the ones linked as requirements under sexout common resources. Install the armor and clothing packs, and then install the maternity pack last. 


From Sexout Common Resources page originally posted by bellybunkicker:


Requirements you really should install before complaining about stuff not showing:

FalloutNV (Non-Pirated Steam Version)


NVSE ScriptExtender
You Need SexoutNG:

And Astymma's Compatibility Skeleton from here:

You will need MCM to change any settings

Nordlands Mesh & Texture pack for the Fertility Drugs:

Bondage Toys by Spectrum Warrior: (Delete the st.esp file)

You may also need the ZAZ file for some Bondage Pillory's and stuff brought to us by MasterChris:

If you want the meshes for the Combat srmor damaged outfits you need to down load them from Evilrunners Sexout Clothing System (SCS) thread:

The following are only necessary if using Sexout Store or Pregnancy


Tryouts Data pack, part of Tryouts by Loogie

Shadow Troops Sexy Attire for Fishnet & Corset Dress:

Refugee Outfits for Type3 by Exeter
Besides the EvilRunner & User29's Maternity Clothes & Loogies Tryout clothes from the thread here:

The TombRaider Do not install the TombRaider.esp, just the Mesh & Textures:
Available in Revanag's BB armor pack: http://newvegas.nexu....com/mods/40227

Mantis Zero Suit by Erthilo (Delete the esp file)

Mantis Reflex Suit Textures by static07 and Primantis (Delete the esp file)

Ghost Armor Conversion Revamp by Ken1945, Bunsaki & Rikai (Delete the esp file)
There are multiple versions of Ghost armor, this one must be installed.

Vegas Chokers by adriant1978 (Rename the BSA to SexoutCommonResources - VegasChokers.bsa then remove the esp file)

Revenags Bouncing Type 3 Clothing (Delete the esp file)

3M Clothing Add on pack (If you plan to use the 3M body) (Delete the esp file)

GSBModders BDSM stuff & Julia Chang (Delete the esp file)

DragonGirlDress by Jonas (Delete the esp file)

Nagothm's Raider Chains outfit (Delete the esp file)
For most of these clothing mods as noted you can remove or deactivate the original esp if you are using Pregnancy or Sexout Store, you only need to install the meshes, textures & sounds etc. Those that are FO3 downloads definitely need the esp removed or they will crash the game.

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Hello all, just wondering dose the Maternity Clothes stack with another cloth mods? such as making the vanilla like maternity clothes more revealing? 

Many thanks!!


Sort of, if you have another mod that changes the appearance of vanilla clothing then the non-pregnant versions won't be overriden, so will still work fine.


But, the pregnant versions of the maternity clothing are all based on the vanilla designs, so you may find your merc/raider armor weirdly changes and becomes less revealing once you reach pregnancy stage 1- the only way around this would be if someone designed alternate versions based on the other mod's ones.


Some of the pregnant armors are more revealing as you get bigger though.

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