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Raider Chains Armor T6M - T6BB - TN - BerryK2 1.2

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About This File

This mod adds 2 new armors (if you can call them that) consisting of nothing but 2 leather belts and a lot of chains. It also adds 2 skirts & 1 top for mixing and matching with other outfits. (no male version). The armors can be found in goodsprings in an ammo box. The ammo box is in one of the carts outside the general store. There are outfits for the T6M, T6BB, TN, & BerryK2 Bodies.


What are these bodies?


The Type-N body is The Type-V body with the narrow shoulders & smaller hands fixes applied. (Original TypeV by Luchaire, Type-N made by Nessa)

The Type6BB body is the Type3BB body with some alterations in the same line as the Type 6 body. (Original body by 2pac4eva7, the changes were made by Necroscope.)

The Type6M or Type6Modified body is an edit of the Type6 body. (Original Type6 by Necroscope, Type6M changes by Izumiko.)

The BerryK2 body is a combination of the BerryHD Body & Alice Body. Original bodies by Dimon99, Combination done by Kendo2)


Manual Installation:


Extract this folder to your New Vegas data folder and enable the esp.


Manual Uninstallation:


If you used the mod manager simply uninstall the mod, otherwise delete the icon textures from textures\interface\icons\pipboyimages\apparel, the meshes meshes\000EA, and the esp file. Done.


Change Log:


Version 1.2

•Added Updated Meshes For T6BB, TN, & BerryK2 Bodies.


Version 1.1

•Added Updated Meshes in new main file.


Version 1.0

•Added Main File




Bethesda & Obsidian for the game

The creators of Blender & Nifskope

DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99 TheRowan

Type V Body Replacer by Luchaire

Type6 Body and Armor replacer by Necroscope

Type6 Modification Body by Izumiko. R18PN Lingerie Originally By Kurese (NPR)

Type-N Body Replacer By Nessa

K2s Berry Boobs Type 3 Body Replacer

Personalami @ HFForums for allowing me to use his image for the body base of these icons.

Alex3474 for lots of encouragement and help.

All the talented modders who have contributed so much to this game.




All of my files are free to use resources. Credit is nice, but not required.

There is one caveat, None of my files may be used in paid mods or loaded to steam for any reason. I strongly feel that opening the door to pay to play mods will be the destruction of the best part of the communities that have built up around modding Bethesda and other games.

Want More Outfits?

MyClothCollection 3.1 By Alex3874 (Type3Cali, Type3Alice, Type3BB)

Release Paradise Island NV by Alex3874 (Type3Cali, Type3Alice, Type3BB)

MyCloth Collection Conversion Expansion (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

Paradise Island Conversion Expansion (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

New Vegas Outfit Conversion And Parts (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

New Vegas CH Raider Conversion - Parts (TypeN, Type6M)


Want Just The Bodies?









Tools Used:





Pyròs: GuideLines

What's New in Version 1.2


  • Version 1.2
  • •Added Updated Meshes For T6BB, TN, & BerryK2 Bodies.
  • Version 1.1
  • •Added Updated Meshes in new main file.
  • Version 1.0
  • •Added Main File

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