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[mod] Adroit's Divine Prostitution & DivPros Faith Pack

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Adroit's Divine Prostitution & DivPros Faith Pack

This is a fork of AdroitReligion updated for version 1.11.*, with some new features as well.





  1. Carnalitas (required)
  2. Carnalitas Dei (required if using Faith Pack)
  3. This mod
  4. Included Faith Pack (optional - if you don't use this, you'll need to modify an existing religion (see quick start guide below))



  • Carnalitas Slavery Reimagined
  • Carnalitas Slavery Expansion



  • Character Body Overhaul and its submods
  • Faith Pack will conflict with any mod that adds or modifies Christian or Muslim religions



  1. Launch the game with debug_mode enabled, or a mod that allows you to toggle it
  2. Either using the console or converting via the faith page, convert to the religion you wish to modify
  3. Open the console using the grave accent/tilde (`) key
  4. Add the clerical function
    • add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_prostitution
  5. Remove the old clerical function
    • remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_taxation
    • remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_alms_and_pacification
    • remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_recruitment
  • All the following steps are optional
    1. If you want to be able to retire unsuitable clergy
      1. add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_succession_temporal
      2. remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_succession_temporal_fixed
      3. remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_succession_spiritual
      4. remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_succession_spiritual_fixed
    2. To change clergy gender - select only one
      1. add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_gender_female_only
      2. OR add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_gender_male_only
      3. OR add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_gender_either
      4. Then remove_doctrine all other options



  • Adroit - original mod
  • pearl - Invite Novices based on Invite Debutantes
  • Triskelia - fixes & localization
  • the_marmaluke - code assistance


  • French translation graciously provided by Triskelia
  • Simplified Chinese translation graciously provided by hsjackson111


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Is this a religion mod or a flavor mod? From the description it looks like a cut down version of Adroid Religion. Is there a new faith for the priestess interactions? I'm not sure what this is exactly.


I do like the "invite novices" thing. Never heard of the original debutantes mod but it looks fun, especially implemented like this.

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I'm not extremely familiar with how Carnalitas functions.


As far as I can tell, this mod just requests a scene from the list (this mod includes a scene, but I haven't yet see it fire since IE's scene is weighted so high) just like your mod. So I'm not sure why this is acting any differently. I'd think it's just a quirk with it being built on an older version of Carnalitas, but the only interaction that causes this is the character interaction "Visit at temple". All of the other ways Carn. gets involved in this mod for a scene it works perfectly. When I remove IE, the included scene fires and everyone gets their clothes back when it's over. So I'm pretty stumped.

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I think I found what's happening. The mod is hijacking the effects so it can determine if someone is getting pregnant or not. I added another check into there and it seems to be working just fine now. The included scene still doesn't fire, though.


Version 0.2

  • A few small fixes to random pregnancy
  • Updated the birth events to the current Carnalitas version
  • Fixed more localization issues
  • You can now use the Sacred Prostitution tenet or the Lust doctrines from Carnalitas Dei to unlock the doctrine when reforming or creating a new religion. These checks were outdated so you couldn't actually pick the doctrine before.
  • Fixed sex scenes leaving characters nude occasionally


edit: I left a few testing things in the invite novices decision. The cooldown is much shorter than it's meant to be, and it isn't supposed to appear for people not using this doctrine. It'll be fixed next time I update.

Edited by sm201
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Version 0.3

  • Added the copulator court position
    • You can appoint up to three, and they automatically get dismissed past age 40
    • They are candidates for random pregnancy if enabled
  • Chaste player characters will gain stress when using the decision to volunteer
  • Removed testing things from invite novices decision
  • Increased time between lustful/chaste priestess events
  • Added age check to visit lustful priestess event
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Here are my short-term plans, in no particular order, for anyone interested.


  • Add stress loss/gain in relevant places.
    • See if I can hook up into the Carnalitas 'make love' cooldown thing for balance purposes
  • The character action to make someone a volunteer will not be automatically accepted Added in 0.5.5
    • Instead they'll make the decision based on traits, their opinion of you, if they're a ruler, etc
      • You'll be able to use a hook to force them to accept, but they'll lose opinion of you for it
    • The volunteer modifier will be limited (10 years?) instead of 100 years as it is now
    • There will be more restrictions on who can be asked
      • You'll only be able to ask people in your realm (your court, your vassals and vassal's courts, etc)
      • Negative trait checks? (ugly, diseases. etc)
      • More age checks (can't be over 40, also automatically stop volunteering at 40)
  • Add a court position similar to the copulator for prisoners who do not follow a religion with divine prostitution Added in 0.4
    • Will require non-con enabled in Carnalitas (if I can)
      • Either way this will be an optional feature that the AI will not make use of, if you'd rather not have it going on
    • You'll be able to appoint them from the negotiate release option, like the executioner
      • If they convert to your religion at any point, they lose the position
    • They and their family will hate you for it, but you'll gain piety similar to the regular copulator position
    • Add a small event, similar to lustful/chaste priestess, for this as-yet-unnamed position
      • I'm not good at creative writing so if anyone is interested in writing events for this mod, please let me know.
  • Tweaks
    • Think of a better name for 'copulator'
    • Total copulator positions (i.e. the court copulator council role AND the court positions) you have available scales with your tier
      • Counts would have only the court copulator
      • Dukes would have one slot available
      • Kings & emperors would have 3


I'm looking for feedback on the character interaction change the most. I'll include an optional 'sub-mod' to go back to the old interaction if I decide to go through with the change, so you'll be able to swap out for the legacy interaction if you prefer how it works now.

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I've opened up a git repository for anyone interested in contributing or just seeing what's being changed.




16 hours ago, SoCalExile said:

Hey should court copulator children get the child of the Divine trait? Speaking of which, I've never had my ruler ever get pregnant while working at the temple church-brothel. 



Children born by random pregnancy get the 'child of the divine' trait. I think I'm going to be removing that one and replacing it with the standard set that are bastards unless they get elevated. As it is right now I'm not sure what the distinction is meant to be.


I'll look into the player character not getting selected. The event that selects someone to get randomly pregnant is pretty awkward and might need completely re-written soon but that will be a fairly big task.

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I've not seen one get the CotD trait with this mod - they're all getting the Wild Oat trait. I think the trait is cool, it adds flavor - maybe just a small bonus to opinion for those of the faith, and perhaps (if possible) a bonus to working as a court copulator with that trait. 

I want my character to give that trait to a child because it works well for a Succubus playthrough story-wise. Could even have it run a check for CDoL installation when a child is conceived and have it give the Succubus trait randomly LOL. 


As for the name 'copulator', maybe change it to historical names based on the culture group?

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I'm not sure how this mod acts if your religion doesn't have bastardy (all children borne out of wedlock get the Wild Oat trait).


I decided against merging the traits together since I don't want to have to make it so the AI will elevate child of priestesses, since it's a separate decision. That will have to come another time. If I don't do that, it will mess up AI succession quite badly if you assign female rulers to be priestesses.


I have player character random pregnancy working on the repo. As soon as I can make it so the repentant (forced court position) pregnancy works how I want, I'll upload version 0.4.

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Version 0.4

  • Added the forced copulator court position (Repentant)
    • You must have the Carnalitas non-consent and slavery game rules enabled
      • You can appoint one person in your court who does not follow a religion with ritual prostitution
        • The target must be a valid slave under your faith's slavery law
        • The target must be imprisoned by you, or already a slave
    • Since it counts as enslaving them, all standard slavery effects are applied (their relations hate you, they abdicate titles, etc)
    • They are candidates for random pregnancy if enabled
  • Fixed player character random pregnancy
    • Let me know if you experience anything weird as a result of this change
  • Fixes to visit brothel by Triskelia
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That's a knock-on effect of something I changed elsewhere. I'll fix it in the next update. Until then you can go to common/decisions/visit_church_brothel_decision.txt and delete lines 64 and 65


	is_shown = {
		#Adults Only
		is_adult = yes
		#Ritual Prostitution Faith required
		faith = {
			has_doctrine = doctrine_clerical_function_prostitution
		#Whores don't go to the brothel as customers - turns out this wouldn't have worked <--- delete this
		NOT = { adroit_character_is_a_whore_priestess = yes } <--- and this


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I've taken a detour and decided to add more scenes when you visit a priestess or go to work as one yourself. I've bypassed the built-in Carnalitas system to ensure that this mod only gives you scenes specific to the context of a sacred sex ritual. Right now I'm trying to ensure that the system I added works, but there are a few problems that I still need to work on.


As many events I can think to write will make up the bulk of version 0.5, along with some fixes, including the one above.

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Version 0.5

  • Added 5 new M-F scenes when you're visiting or working in a temple
    • Same-sex partners will use default Carnalitas scenes, or Intimate Encounters if you have that installed
  • Fixed players not being able to work at the temple
  • Hopefully fixed characters with absolute birth control (Succubi's 'Seal Womb') still becoming pregnant randomly/via sex at temple

Let me know if there are any problems. I'm also now on the Carnalitas discord. My name on there is the same on here.

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I don't use CBO, so I don't plan on integrating it into this mod. Sorry. If/when CBO is compatible with the graphical mods I use, I'd definitely consider it.


If someone wants to make an add on I'd definitely put it on the download page. There are only 5 scenes right now so I think it'd be pretty simple.


Until then, it's all compatible. You just won't see any animations in the scenes from this mod.

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1 hour ago, Atacama said:

What is the name of the new religion in this mod? Is it Messanilism?

You need to either use the console to add this to an existing religion, or pick it in the Clerical Function doctrine when reforming or creating a new one.


The console command to add it is:

add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_prostitution


You'll also want to remove the old clerical function. You can run all three of these with no ill effects:

remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_taxation
remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_alms_and_pacification
remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_recruitment



11 minutes ago, Astat95 said:

I am a bit annoyed with the exalatiation events this mod adds. I know one of the fork versions tuned it down but if I wanted to reduce it even further which lines would I have to edit?


An easy way to have less exaltation events is to not take the event option to give your priestesses the Lustful trait.


There are a few different ways you can make that event less common but I think the simplest way is going to mod\Divine Prostitution\events\exalt_lustful_priestess.txt beginning at line 647. You can change days = 182 to whatever you want - days = whatever OR months = whatever OR years = whatever.

            set_variable = {
                name = recent_lustful_priestess_fervor_event
                value = yes
                days = 182


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