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Ayane Follower Armors CBBE Bodyslide

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My attempt at converting all the armors of an Ayane follower mod (Ayane from the dead or alive series).  I will likely try to update it in the future to fix clipping issues. Tried all day to fix them, but for some reason my changes WOULD NOT SAVE and every time I loaded the game, exact same clipping. Wondering if I have to keep saving them as entirely new bodyslide files to get it to stick., But aside from minor clipping (which drives me insane because I'm a perfectionist) they do fit reasonably well on an HDT CBBE body, and have some breast and butt physics. Potentially stomach as well for pregnancy mods but I haven't tested how that will look so it may be awful.


Also attached is an ESP. The original mod was Extremely glitchy due to the way the follower quest worked, and would cause the game to CTD if you got near Riften or a wide area around Riften (inside riften worked). So this esp totally eliminates the follower and follower quest. I tried to maintain the hair for player use but haven't tested it. Hair has no physics if it does work.


Another thing my custom ESP does is change the name of the outfits in game. So instead of 8 armors called "Ayane Armor" they are now more specific and let you know which armor piece, glove, or boot belongs to which set.


I do not know the original mod author or where to find the mod. It appears to be a combination mod of several creators going by folders. That said, this will not work without the original mod which has the original textures and meshes. I tried to find the mod and author(s) but to no avail. So this mod may vanish one day if the original creator shows up and tells me to delete it.


I did however, find the thread on here where I requested and was given this mod. So you can possibly still get the file from there. (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/128958-request-doa-ayane-hair-and-outfits/)




I am new at conversions and so some body parts may look poofy, out of shape, etc. But I did my best with the time I have. I hope you enjoy. Mod picture to be added at a later date.

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32 minutes ago, Dojo_dude said:

Cool, these look great!

Thank you. I'm still hoping to improve them and reduce clipping in the future, but I don't get much time to work on this sort of thing. Plus I need to figure out why my changes aren't saving. I "fixed" them 5 times today in outfit studio only to see the exact same clipping in game (and I remembered to rebuild them in bodyslide so genuinely no idea why the fixes aren't sticking).


Anyway, if you are able to use them let me know if they work for you.

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