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[REQUEST/SEARCH] Has this Witcher armour ever been ported to Skyrim? (and what it's called)

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I know a LOT of Witcher stuff has been ported to Skyrim, in fact I'm occasionally surprised to find anything that hasn't. Anyway found this armour and it has a lot of potential for crap I'm doing. Anyone know if it's been ported - or even what the name is? I don't know what it's called so that kind of limits my search, though I've checked all the Witcher ports on Nexus (it's not that long).





Anyone know?



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After a little searching I WAS able to find the name. It's the "Thyssen" armour, and you're correct that there doesn't seem to be a port of it anywhere.


No one ever seems to have ported the most basic W3 armours, just the fancy ones. It drives me batty that I can't get the simple ones since they're so much more useful, especially the Shiadhal armour:




I'd give a few teeth to have a decent detailed worn out gambeson like that.

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