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  1. Anybody come across an overlay/skin for UNP bodies that resembles a robot/android style? I would prefer an overlay to maintain the skin mash-up I am using but if a skin is out there I would still appreciate it. Thanks
  2. That's fair, and I really don't have an issue per se with people using SSE, whatever works for them is for the better. I just get salty at the divide that SSE caused. Wish the two versions were better compatible but I think it was done on purpose for people to move to SSE and have more potential creation club buyers.
  3. Thank you for the awesome explanation it will be very useful for other followers in the future but alas it still does the below anomaly (see pics) First time I have come across something like this, an ideas?. Btw, just saw the random husky staring at the food in the last pic and that is funny as hell haha.
  4. Has she been ported to LE at all? I wasn't sure which version she was for and when using NpcVisualTransfer tool, she shows up when I transfer her on to another NPC, but as soon as I use something like FEP to change her expression her head goes crazy technicolor like something out of TRON, or her eyes disappear. I am guessing its because it is for SE?
  5. Exactly! Thank you very much. I thought I scoured Nexus on snow elf stuff. Figures it would be wrapped up with the entire Dawn guard armors in a replacer. Cheers and thanks
  6. I am looking for a UUNP version of the Snowelf armor, but a skimpy/bikini style instead of the bulky version. Not even sure if something like this has been done or not, but if by chance it has been done I would really like to grab it. thanks
  7. Melodic has the Alice Armor that has the exact tail your looking for in different colors. Only issue is it is not hdt but in my succubus playthroughs with wings it is positioned in a good way with minimal clipping. I don't have it currently but do a search and you should find it.
  8. Alternatively you can get pretty close if you download UNPCM Craftwear and with the Couture set it takes care of the jacket, and Pants, and another set has the wrap for underneath. the UUNP conversion and link to the original is here. Then download this blades armor mega set and it takes care of the helmet. Sadly it doesn't show hair but if you change its armor slot to not fight against HDT hair you can maybe use them together. Buuut, you can use the helmet from this armor and it allows hair but the helmet is not as detailed as the other one and the color is pretty bright. You could use gimp t
  9. Agreed. It is at the point where they really need an SE version of this thread in their own section imo.
  10. Immersive wenches is the obvious one. Enemy Plus adds generic NPCs there to. It gets pretty crowded there.
  11. Looking for another all-in-one onehanded animation pack that fits a fast-paced fighting style. I use Elysees Yamato blade script mod so included sword/shield animations are most welcome. Also on that note I have been using elysees katana animations but after a long while I would like to switch it up so don't recommend that one. Also I would love some Samurai/Kendo style twohanded animations if they exist. Thank you
  12. Anyone here who needs to be able to give followers equipment with no hassle, like them reverting back to base armor randomly, need to grab this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89536 Followers/NPCs will only wear what you give them, no reverting back. I have been using it since release and it is essential if you have followers. And the greatest QOL hack with this mod is when you assign a armor slot with tempered/enchanted armor, necklace, ring, etc. all followers you assign that slot to will also use those tempered enchanted stuff too. So 10 followers will use that one set you temper
  13. Thank you! I didn't get a notice of a reply and I thought this would just be a lost request. I didn't know about ZAZ markers but I use Jaxonz Positioner to add markers from other mods in places like towns, and cities to liven them up so this works perfectly. thanks for the suggestion.
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