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SMP + HDT ? New to SMP physics

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Hello everyone, due to a recent purchase of a new laptop, I installed Skyrim SE, and plan to install the new SMP physics for clothing, Hair and nude body of course.

Thing is I'm completely new to this new type of physics. So do I need to have SMP AND HDT installed to be able to have my character using SMP, and NPCs to use HDT for clothing ?


Also, I installed the SOS SE version, but does it supports vagina collision ? And bonus if you could recommend me please a clothing replacer for npcs using hdt for SE please.


If you can help me, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.

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HDT-SMP  mod will cover both needs (yes needed if you're going to use the newer body models) just fine. You'll also need CBPC for player and NPC use.


AFAIK SOS supports collisions, at least on its part of the equation. 


As to specific replacers for NPCs using HDT? I'm honestly not sure how to respond here. HDT is used for some wigs, clothing, jewelry, etc, but afaik, SMP covers the general topic of "human body jiggles" while HDT covers objects.

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Thanks for your reply. So I need to install both SMP and CBPC in order to have the two kind of physics, right ?


Yes sorry, it was a bit unclear. I meant do you know if there is a good clothing and armor replacer using HDT (CBPC in this case for SE ?), for NPC, as my character will have the SMP physics.

Because there were clothing/armor replacer in the time of Oldrim, for example "I love Cleavage", that used HDT. --> https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29827/

Ideally, I would like to have something similar to SE. Because I read somewhere that if I used SMP physics on all the npcs, my game would likely crash. So i want to divide my character that will be using SMP clothing, hair from NPCs that will be using CBPC clothing.

I don't know if it is clear or not, but thanks anyway for your reply about smp physics.

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As PapaGeorge suggested, you need to decide on your body first. CBBE, CBBE-3BBB, UNP, UUNP, BHUNP, etc. Afaik CBBE-3BBB and BHUNP are the most popular, with CBBE-3BBB being best provided for in terms of armors with suitable bodyslides.


unless you're adverse, go on over to nexus and look for armors. Of course, make sure you choose the Skyrim SE game page to search from, since Skyrim LE mods are incompatible with SE


Note: you'll find that CBBE and UNP are the literally most supported in terms of suitable clothing and armor, but they are physics limited body models, so based on the current state of body model "design", I'm not recommending either (and having said that, note CBBE is a dependency of CBBE-3BBB, so if you choose that route, you'll need it anyway even if not actually using it) . Make sure to read their descriptions and requirements sections carefully and that all the associated dependencies they list are installed.

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stick with it but make sure to install the SE version. Also, pay attention to model specificity when selecting and installing body textures, since the CBBE-family textures won't apply correctly to UNP-family bodies (ie BH UNP) and visa versa

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On 8/1/2021 at 10:07 PM, anjenthedog said:

stick with it but make sure to install the SE version. Also, pay attention to model specificity when selecting and installing body textures, since the CBBE-family textures won't apply correctly to UNP-family bodies (ie BH UNP) and visa versa

Oh yeah you are right, thank you for the reminder !

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I am sick of my game crashing and even after reinstalling the game and doing save cleans I am getting crashes. SO I am starting over and was going to switch to the BHUNP body from CBBE.  As I was plying I added Oasis a UNP body based follower and I noticed that body worked far better with Sexlab.  I didn't have to reposition her.  SO with this in mind I realized that the pouplace could have different bodies than I.  Then I read that its better to do that and start with a custom race to keep grafix lag down to just my characters needs. Like the OP I am also curious and needing to know what physics I will need. And what else I will need to do to get this right from the start.


I have the following

HDT Physics Extension


(Never knew if I needed the original HDT or not)


XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended


(same here never knew if I needed the original as well)


RaceMenu is set for CBBE as well as Body Slider.  I am probably going to need to reinstall.



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At a guess, based on your desired body type, I'd recommend you look for the UUNP model package, if BHUNP won't do it for you. BHUNP still uses the same texture types as UNP, as does UUNP, and afaik, while BHUNP meshes may vary slightly from UNP, it's still in the same family and has what appears to be an enhanced superset of the UNP slider set in racemenu and presumably similar mirroring of most of the UUNP/UNP sliders in body-type-compliant bodyslide presets, although I can't be sure. I do know that UUNP and BHUNP have many different sliders than CBBE family bodies and that they - BHUNP, UUNP - share some in common like the various body (sevnBase upper-lower, etc) mixer sliders.


Presumably, you'd want to use the UUNP Special body (can't recall what it's called as I uninstalled it over a year ago in favor of BHUNP), so that you get whatever "extra" sex-related physics UUNP supports (not sure it does, but some UUNP custom followers seem to have it from checking their texture files). But for strict "UNP",  I'm not sure if UNP even has boob bounce let alone other motion, but then I haven't used UNP since  shortly after I started playing, so idk.

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