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character animations broken?

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I followed the official installation guide and upon launching the game, loading a save, All character animations broke, no walking, running, drawing weapons and such were replaced by an idle T-pose on every NPC and player character, but dialog still had the NPC's mouth animate. Is there a way to fix this?

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1 hour ago, Katya8848 said:

Hey NataliePuppy - did you manage to solve this???  I am having exactly the same thing.  I only had 2 warnings in FNIS and even when I'd sorted them - it hasn't solved it - SO annoying ... 

Make sure you are using SE version of FNIS and FNIS related mods.


Did you run FNIS with HKX file check option activated?


Maybe post a plugin list here in a LL spoiler window (editor tool line above, 3rd section, 4th icon).


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