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Do you also use Basemental Gangs?


Did you delete your localthumbcache.package in your main Sims folder?


Also, search your mods folder for duplicates of Basemental.  Some mod authors package unexpected add-ons like that when they publish their mods.


EDIT TO ADD:  Your WickedWhimsInfoLog will also show if you have any duplicate files.

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16 minutes ago, bootyb said:

After updating Basemental , I had to start a new game as the doors were still missing on the save.

Sometimes you can fix your old save...


Remove BMD from game.

Delete the localthumbcache.

Load old game save but only to the Map Screen and do a 'save as' 'whatever' then exit.

Delete the localthumbcache again.

Now load the New 'save as' you just made and load your household to see if the doors are fixed.

If yes, now you can install the updated BMD.

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