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OTrainers - OStim trainers with benefits

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  • Lightweight OStim addon
  • Can be safely installed mid-playthrough
  • Works with vanilla, DLC and modded* skill trainers
  • Your relationship rank matters
  • It does not replace the vanilla training


 * He/she needs to be in at least one of skill trainers faction (JobTrainerSpeechcraftFaction, JobTrainerRestorationFaction etc.)


  • Skyrim: Special Edition (1.5.39+)
  • SkyUI
  • OStim and all its requirements

Recommended mods

Place the mod after (below) OStim and its other addons (OCum, ORomance etc.) in the file order and plugin order.

The mod adds I'd like to learn <skill> from you intimately... dialogue line to all trainers in the game. The trainer will follow the player character. When you find a place that you like, choose This is a perfect place for our training session. It starts a mini-game (challenge) in the OStim scene. You can earn up to 3 skill points per training session:

  • The first one for making the trainer orgasm
  • The second for doing so before player character orgasmed
  • The third is relationship bonus if you're the trainer's friend, ally or lover (relationship rank equals 1 or above)

The skill is advanced after the scene ends. You need to wait 6 hours to start another training session. The cooldown doesn't apply to vanilla training.

The source is available on Github. Feel free to make a PR if you want to improve the mod.

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  • Requires
    OStim, SkyUI
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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