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location of meshes/textures for "toys"

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seems I have a missing texture or mesh for a couple of the standard SL "toys". Hoping someone can point me to the appropriate folder(s) involved. I've been walking through the textures directories but so far with little luck, don't want to spend all day navigating directories if possible...


Also not exactly sure which mod(s) provided these (dildoes, crystals, etc). G? SL? Zaz? etc?

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I don't think SexLab itself includes any toys by default so we can rule that one out, probably.


If you install more informative console you could drop one of the toys on the ground and click on it with the command console open. It will tell you which .esp file/mod the toy is from. That will help a lot with finding where the texture files are and it's just a useful debugging tool all around.

It will also help to know if you're missing a texture or a mesh. If you're missing a mesh, the toys would be invisible. If you're missing a texture, the toys will appear purple or white. Textures go in Data/textures/(mod's name usually) and meshes go in Data/meshes/(mod's name usually).

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Good point (that I should have already realized!... too little coffee this morning). Mesh. they're invisible.


As to dropping one, that's a bit of a problem, since they're auto added during certain animations and don't actually reach inventory status (ie like the Calyps addon on for instance) . I don't literally have them in my inventory.  So I'm blind as to what actually added them in the first place. 


FWIW, the one that alerted me was the "magic dildoes", but I think there's a gem/soulgem "missing" too. 

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Most Sexlab Animation Loader Packs will include some toys.

Way to tell is if the Anim Pack includes an "AnimObjects" plugin.

Some of the packs will have identically named plugins, which means the last one loaded will load it's resources.

Some of the packs will have meshes not converted properly, fix with SSE Nif Optimizer.

Some of the Packs will have textures appropriate for Skyrim LE, fix with Cathedral Assets Optimizer.

For the Magic Dildoes to work properly, {I'm assuming you mean Anub's pack},

load it last before SLAL itself, on left-hand side of MO2 & right-hand side of MO2


Left-Hand Side of MO2: {SoulGems and Magic Dildoes working}




These AnimObjects plugins are ideal candidates for Compacting FormIds and Eslifying in SSEEdit.

And not so good candidates for merging plugins.

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