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  1. Change Log - SLaVE for SE and LE Important Notes for V8.0 (Beta) SLaVE no longer uses DD. Its only requirement is Toys. Yes you can run it along side of DD content mods, but in rare cases, you can expect those mods may remove toys when not desirable, because they are not "Toys aware". Thus using DD content mods that do lots of equipping, such as DCL, may not pair well with SLaVE. During beta we will be learning how this behaves. You can however, expect that SLaVE or any Toys content mod will never remove a DD, as this is built in You absolutely, totally, without any d
  2. Virgin Toys Virgin Toys See Pictures & Details. 52 unique devious devices with features including magical wrist binding, DeerFu, animation, melting, HDT chains, and sounds. Bodyslide support for CBBE HDT & UUNP HDT with zaps.
  3. Features Thu'um of Love "Luv" - "Yu" - "ToDef" Focus your orgasm to love enemies to death! Even dragons! Use the shout's calming and loving effect as defence and offence in combat. Can be used out of combat too. It affects beings, creatures (optional), and even dragons. The 3 words are rewarded at different stages in the story. Thu'um of Strip "Strip" "Yu" "Nekid" Influence Exhibitionism. Enemies without armor are vulnerable! Can be used out of combat too. In addition to causing Exhibitionism, the third word has a chance of causing folks to break into dance.
  4. Quests Quests & Encounters Quest Details Dare to Shout Like a Virgin: Be seduced by Nocturnal, locked in Virgin Devices, complete Virgin Training, gain the trust of Daedrics, get help from Dibella, and be rebirthed as a virgin. Enter a repeating cycle of being punished for failing to report in, or losing your virginity, and being rebirthed again Shouting Triggers Encounters: Encounters include Pleasure Thyself, Pain is Pleasure, and Nocturnal Teases. Randomly occurs if using any shout during your regular adventuring, in and out of combat. During Pain is Pleasure,
  5. Shout Like a Virgin Evolved v8.0 Beta Updated Apr ??, 2021 SLaVE is a Toys Framewok, content mod. Video: Mod Highlights - Music Credit: "The Dragonborn Comes" by Malukah. Story Dibella, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, and Nocturnal, the Daedric Mistress of the Night, both have a little too much time on their hands. What they also have in common is their love for beautiful virgins. Dibella, keen to promote the erotic arts, promotes the deflowering of virgins. Nocturnal prefers that virgins stay pure since she needs to sacrifice lovely pure maidens to
  6. I know nothing, I'm just a sweet and innocent virgin. What's this Evolved thingie you mention? The next several posts are being used to prep new pages for umm..... "evolved". Please pay no attention, no need to read them this is just WIP.
  7. While I don't think AddItemMenu lags/CTDs for most, it's not a lore friendly or interesting way to get toys. So I do agree that Toys needs a "bondage shop", or something along those lines. The mod coming soon that audhol mentions, is from another author and will allow you to find toys and keys out in the world. But we still need someone to make bondage shop style content mod for Toys! Maybe this will inspire an author! Maybe someone poke laura In the meantime, while testing a new API for Toys that will make it easy to do a bondage shop, I many end up putting a basic sh
  8. Yes they got done by Audhol who is also part of the Toys Team.
  9. Updated the download page with a new intro. The post for Toy Story has a new intro text too. These are thanks to Mercplatypus.
  10. I posted a teaser, relevant to SLaVE, in Toys HERE
  11. Teaser... For Innocent Pony Girls... And the Bitch Boots melt... Little bit of SLaVE snuck in there too, wonder who can spot it?
  12. Anyone pro with Bodyslide Outfit Studio want to take on converting SLaVE's bodyslide stuff from LE to the 4 bodies in SE that we are supporting? I've tried and its beyond my skills.
  13. 18. When is a Skyrim Special Edition version coming? We are currently developing a new bondage framework mod called Toys. Toys will be used by this mod instead of using DD Toys has had 2 Alpha releases and then on March 21, Beta 2 came out for both LE and SE Shout Like a Virgin Evolved v8.0 Beta 1, using Toys, will release for both LE and SE, before mid-April The V1 (first non beta) for Toys might be May-ish. SLaV 8.x Final would release same day or close to it
  14. I meant chance during combat. Spontaneous Orgasm and Exhausted both already have a "overall" chance slider. They will both get a 2nd slider "Chance during combat", probably set fairly low by default, with full range 0-100 to select. Spice up your game play babe!
  15. There will be an MCM chance slider. 0 = off
  16. The MCM settings you see there, are for a user to tell Toys to treat your character differently than what Toys detected on first use Currently they are grayed out, not active to edit, because Toys beta is only supporting female fully. So its not that the mod thinks you are a female, its that the mod is only supporting a female properly atm Right now we are adding male support which will be included by the time we get to V1. We are also going to try for a few toys, for Male and Futa. Then after v1 Male/Futa will gradually be expanded upon
  17. Have any examples you could describe? Do you mean DD mods equipping devices, replacing Toys (which is both expected and intended if such mod is not "Toys aware"), or something else? The expected behavior is... Toys will not replace/swap/remove any DD. Toys is DD aware and treat's DDs like they have a restrictive keyword DD is not "Toys Aware" so will replace toys from Toys, not realizing its doing so (no fault of its own) For Mod Authors: A DD content mod can be made "Toys Aware" by checking just 2 keywords, without making a dependency (just
  18. Gonna be using this in Shout Like a Virgin's Pony Girl during Cart Duty. Shout Like a Virgin Evolved, V8.0 Beta (using Toys on LE and SE) is coming soon!
  19. I do like to avoid overcomplicating in the MCM. Right now it already has the Chance (overall). Its also triggered by your arousal level and that level is in the MCM. Thing is, I can almost do a chance slider as easy as a toggle, and it would be same number of choices in MCM (a chance slider at zero means off). The reason I feel like it would need chance specifically for combat, is that in my play testing, I felt that its a bit too frequent. I'd want it to be half the frequency of what you get out of combat. This way its going to be a rare but amusing surprise.
  20. QUESTION about Scenes in Combat Beta 2 introduced an unintended side-effect. Spontaneous Orgasms and Exhausted are now able to occur during combat. I've fixed that for next release, but playing it that way in my play testing has being interesting, particularly for Exhausted where it maybe makes more sense to fall to the ground and squirm in exhaustion when there is still active combat. If the orgasm is "spontaneous", maybe that one makes sense too! During the 2 scenes, you can't be harmed, but you will get hit lots, get bloody, and if you wear any toy that "breaks" (transforms
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