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  1. What patches? There were some patches included with the installation files, that were applied before conversion. I did not deliberately go though hundreds of Devious Device thread posts looking for patches.
  2. To be honest I don't know. If the quest names and FormIDs are the same the loose files minus the plugin should work. No guarantees.
  3. Most likely scenario? Instructions not being followed Low percentage scenario? Corrupt downloads Seriously, there are text based instructions in the first post, and a step-by-step guide with pictures linked in the first post. Currently 10,984 downloads divide by 14 files in the set = 784 users downloading this archive set. Since we don't have 700 plus angry users posting about "WTF dude?", we can probably rule out corrupt files. As to your initial question "Any ideas what am I doing wrong here?", is the same as most trouble-shooting posts in the support threads. No, because not enough information was given. Solution, go back to the first post and follow instructions. If the instructions aren't clear enough, go to the linked step-by-step guide and follow along with it.
  4. In SSEEdit, forward the ARMO & ARMA records required into a new esp "Add Masters" - SexLabAroused.esm Save new plugin. got to armors and add Keywords as per Bakafactorie's pdf save plugin Run WryeBashTagGenerator.pas in SSEEdit to add bash tags. sort load order in LOOT with new plugin as "Late Loader" Run Wrye Bash to generate new Bashed Patch, 0.esp
  5. The "You" issue occurred in LE with EagerNPCs, I think. How it was resolved I can't remember. You could edit the RACE entry to only have only the female voice option and hope the scripts didn't choke on that. I'll leave that repair up to people with larger heads than mine . . .
  6. yes, skip the inu one, it just complicates matters. You actually had collision and physics all along, only just for the female body, and in a bad order. The SOS HDT-SMP files added the collision for the male part of the equation. The HDT-SMP adds the framework for both CBPC adds the framework for collision for both. CBBE 3BA utilizes the two frameworks for females. SOS HDT-SMP utilizes the two frameworks for males. BTW, that means hands, feet and privates. The SOS only give collision for the male body. The Sinful CBP mod is where it would be easiest for you to adjust the jiggle. Best to read up on it's usage at it's Nexus page. For collision to work for Creatures, as was stated way back in this thread, Animated Beast Cocks will provide the collisions there. Sorry it took so long to get you results, but we fixed a few things along the way . . .
  7. NPC "makeup" mods typically aren't converted to SE 100% As in one of them has "faceparts" still in LE format. They're a nightmare to diagnose I've found the easiest way to avoid it is to convert them to SE, EVEN if they are supposedly an SE mod. Looking at the meshes with NifSkope will show NiTriShapes instead of BsTriShapes
  8. OK, that's the female bodies For Schlongs what did you install? There is a download not under the green "Download this file" button Accessories: VR: download and install using your favourite mod manager. HDT-SMP: HDT-SMP conversion by DykkenTomb (using collision branches by cOJzZ and Senpo) can be downloaded from the link below; install using your favourite mod manager. Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE_HDT-SMP - v1.1.rar Try that installation of Schlongs and see if your issue improves EDIT: The leftover meshes belong to FNIS Output {the .hkx extension = animations}
  9. SLV_Player "Slave Slut" [RACE:0F2EF445] has asigned both male & female eventoned voices SLV_You "You" [NPC_:0F0E1954] belongs to SLV_Player Race "You" has dialogue, but unknown where or why male voice model is assigned.
  10. When you created a mod folder called BodySlide Output you did a good thing You should have created a mod folder for the output from GenerateFNISforUsers, those files are currently in Overwrite When you change configuration for SKSE based mods ingame, the changed (or created) ini files are in your Overwrite Whenever you crash to desktop (CTD), NetScriptFramework saves a Crash log, that's currently in Overwrite When you use SSEEdit, it saves backups and cache, that's currently in Overwrite. When you exit the game, you need to look at the Overwrite folder and do something with the files in there, instead of collecting them Now you posted a screenshot where you wrote in red "Placed meshes from BodySlide", the intent was for you to move the body meshes from there into CBBE 3BA the body meshes ONLY
  11. @Executaball @DoubleCheeseburger MaleCommander & FemaleDarkElfCommoner voice models on Synth nexus site
  12. There were six mods merged in this. Other than the merge, the change I made was to up upgrade the textures to what Project Clarity provided. There will be the same mesh errors as the original six mods had. Whatever clothes/armors were missed in the first six mod were missed here as well. I converted these six to SE. I found a way to permanently add bash tags to them. I merged them to one plugin. I upgraded them to 4k textures. I posted them for others Frankly, with the amount of bitching about this mod, I am fucking sorry I did post them. Last time, don't like the mod, don't use it. Or fix it & fuck off.
  13. Can you post the link to that patch in the Enderal thread please? Would help other users . . .
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