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  1. Someone else talked about Mighty Magicka, this version worked then Mighty Magick Skyrim 4.15-13166-4-15SE.7z
  2. In BodySlide and your preset, match 100 weight neck settings in 0 weight. Save preset, build body.
  3. Voice Files for SexLab Horrible Harassment 3.50V SE View File Voice pack for mod SexLab Horrible Harassment 3.50v SE Mod located: https://www.patreon.com/posts/slhh-expansion-3-44701241 Submitter judge007 Submitted 08/01/2021 Category Adult Mods Requires 7Zip, Skyrim SE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Voice pack for mod SexLab Horrible Harassment 3.50v SE Mod located: https://www.patreon.com/posts/slhh-expansion-3-44701241
  5. Most just run the mod through Cathedral Assets Optimizer and call it a day. I use SSE Nif Optimizer, Batch file and HavokBehaviourPostProcessor from CK, then CAO Then I run plugin through SSEEdit, Check for Errors and Assets Manager If it's clean I back plugin up, and resave plugin in CK. And run IT through SSEEdit, Check for Errors and Assets manager. If it loads clean in SE, I pack Assets in BSA and load again. Those steps?
  6. @monsta88 @Fenroo as per posts on voice pack thread https://www.loverslab.com/topic/172624-petproject-152-se-voice-files/?tab=comments#elControls_3460404_menu user Fenroo is running Skyrim LE and trying to get the voice pack running user Fenroo also uses NMM I have neither, and can't guide Fenroo through the process. The process includes extracting my archive to a working directory Unpacking the supplied SE BSA to the same working directory Deleting the supplied BSA & plugin From here I'm at a loss. Could someone here assist Fenroo, please?
  7. I don't have or use NMM so can't tell you exact details of how. The extracted "sound" folder and the files it includes are compatible with LE. Just the BSA format I supplied, and plugin are not compatible. You can always "zip" the extracted sound folder and install that in NMM. Again I have neither LE or NMM, to help you with that. There are people in the support thread for Pet Project who have gotten the voice pack installed in LE. Possibly ask there for direct guidance.
  8. So, this Grass control.dll belongs to https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/42161?tab=posts where the author admits it's causing all sorts of instability Ever thought of ditching it?
  9. So you are running Skyrim LE and expect something set up for Special Edition to run? If you want the voice pack for Your install you need to extract the bsa to the PetProject folder. Don't use the plugin that came with this SE voice pack.
  10. Any troubleshooting info you'd wish to share? Like version of Skyrim? Mod manager? Other mods installed? load order? Crash logs?
  11. Ported fairly easy, let me know if it works . . . My Argonian LydiaSE.7z
  12. The only voice model in the synth software for male orcs is MaleOrc, It could be a voice model in the main game Yagdo is set up for I've been going through various mods in SSEEdit trying to determine why some mods get player voice out, so far nothing.
  13. I added a step by step guide to post number 1, first link. I even added pictures. 430 or so people have downloaded this voice pack, without too much issues. Is it really that hard to follow?
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