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[mod] Prostitution Tweaks

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Prostitution Tweaks

Prostitution Tweaks

Version 1.2.1



Some simple tweaks to prostitution. The main benefit of prostituting yourself, when used in conjunction with Carnalitas Arousal Framework, are no longer associated trait bonuses, but to have another source of arousal reduction. And while at it I fixed a few things I didn't like about the way prostitution worked in Carnalitas.


This mod was initially intended to be part of Carnal Consequences, but the high number of Carnalitas overwrites and it's low customizability makes it more suitable to be stand-alone.





  • Prostitution trait no longer grants attraction bonuses (which resulted in a net opinion bonus for your spouse despite you whoring around - no longer!) and reduced stat bonuses.
  • Added generic "had great sex" event that reduces arousal. Triggers more often the more skilled a prostitute you are.
  • Your prostitution income depends on your attraction, not on your trait level. Yes, logically it should be both, but I don't want to use a lot more modifiers since they would require their own translations.
  • To pick up prostitution requires attraction above 10 (comely) and to not be asexual.
  • Added chance for prostitutes to become pregnant or get someone pregnant (gosh!).
  • Only lose a piety level when first starting prostitution, not for every trait upgrade thereafter. Always seemed a bit silly to me that becoming better at whoring results in a sudden (and unexpected) drop in piety.
  • Don't lose a piety level when starting prostitution. Just because I was temporarily unable to prostitute myself (and thus lost the modifier) should not mean that I lose another piety level when I start again, as opposed to someone who continued wohring the whole time.
    • These changes are now part of Carnalitas since version 1.6.2/1.6.3


Required/Recommended Mods



  • Overwrites a bunch of Carnalitas prostitution triggers and effects.



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Does this change the number of prostitutes one can have? Feel like they drop like flies once they get the pox. Could there be a way to isolate one and get a reason for imprisonment for it? Don't mind fabrication of a hook. But I feel like if you're a ruler, one should be able to isolate a person so they don't spread it.

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On 2/20/2022 at 4:42 PM, PlayingOneHanded said:

It would be nice to have a game option to remove the -1 piety level when making a slave (of a different religion) a prostitute.

That one actually makes sense depending entirely on your faith though. I doubt it would be looked upon well if you forced someone to be a whore, yet your faith says whoring is a criminal act lol

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On 2/23/2022 at 4:32 AM, PlayingOneHanded said:

Huh, I didn't think about that.

If you really want to disable piety level loss nullified you can remove "add_piety_level = -1" (or add "#" in front of the line) from the (one and only) file in "common\scripted_effects", but I suppose that line needs to be searched and modified from the files in Carnalitas also.


My question regarding this mod is that the slaves under prostitution will have higher probability to become pregnant (considering medieval tech), but despite trying to modify the scripts from "pt_prostitution_on_actions.txt" as below it does not seem to work, and this is what's making me puzzled.


trigger_event =  {
    on_actions = pt_prostitution_yearly_maintenance_pulse
    months = 3

#random_yearly_everyone_pulse = {
    on_actions = {


Would anyone have ideas on this?

Edited by hoaxaxe
Just to check if the "trigger_event" is applicable for this case
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I appreciate the effort and I really like the idea for prostitutes to get impregnated with random generated characters but few days now trying to find the culprit for my Akan invasion in game and while I was trying to fix other mods that I tought were responsible for the issue and nearly givin up I found out that this mod is the causing the problem. 

The create character in pt_prostitution_event file is missing designated faith and culture, and that is causing serious issues because game is compensating for the faith by givin them the faith of the location they are spawned and that's a  problem!!!!!! Because culture is missing characters get first culture in list and that's akan, so you have Akan from all faiths, and since the faith is the basis in this game they become eligible for titles........

So as the game progress u will have akan counts and dukes from Island to Tibet, oh and pope and patriarch are among the first


Edited by emottt
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