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  1. I noticed that if I equip a spell right handed the magic glow is not in the characters hand but in front of her chest. Is there an easy way to fix this? EDIT: Fixed it by setting the Magic style in Racemenu from 1 to 0.
  2. I have Version 1.1.0-Pre2-SE installed and it works fine on a new save. But I had the same problems you mentioned when I upgraded CF on a existing savegame.
  3. So the LE version works for SE without issues? Then why does the thread link to this file?
  4. I couldn't find a SE version of 2.0.2 but I found a way around my problem by creating a new save (again...). CF loads properly there and doesn't throw an error. Sigh... I wish updating mods wouldn't fuck up my saves so often...
  5. Looks like CF is the culprit then because it acts buggy and never finishes the registering process... Let's see if your conversion works after I fixed my CF
  6. I installed your version but somehow all the creatures are missing their "assets"... Did I forget to do something?
  7. I upgraded to version 1.1.0-pre2A and now this pops up whenever I load a save... Is there a newer version that I'm not aware of or why does this show up? Also in the MCM it always says the Mod re-registering which could take a while but it always pops up no matter how long I wait...
  8. Is the CWSS patch still compatible with the current version of CWSS? EDIT: It's not.
  9. Has anybody converted The Mercenary - Pack to Fusion girl and is willing to share the files with me? Or if someone would be so nice to convert the pack for me I would really appreciate that. Here are the links to the original mod and the cbbe bodyslide files: The Mercenary - Pack BodySlide the Mercenary - Pack (WIP) CBBE-BBBE
  10. I'm having a problem with the game crashing whenever I try to enter the Inner Sanctum of the temple in Markarth and I figured this mod is the culprit When I deactivate it I can enter the sanctum just fine. My load order looks like this: The only conflict with the Innner Sanctum cell I could find with SSEEdit was that "Has Water" flag was overwritten but even after creating a patch for that the game still crashes...
  11. I'm having a small bug where the creature schlong will get misplaced if I kill the creature while it's erect. It's probably worth mentionig that I recently installed hdt-smp. Do they overwrite parts of each other?
  12. Could you add SOS - No Futanari Schlong to the list of female schlongs or is there an easy way to do it myself?
  13. Is there a way to only turn some NPCs into futas without doing it manually? Changing the schlong probabillity turns all females into futas since it's the only schlong available... EDIT: I found the solution myself.
  14. Nightcaller Temple. I still have PTSD from that place back from when the quest was still bugged and saving the game after stopping the miasma crashed the game...
  15. Well I just reinstalled Fair Skin and now the skin color of the schlong matches to my Orc.
  16. An official SE version really would be nice. I tried to convert this version to SE but the result was poor at best. 😅
  17. I think the Black screen happens if the actors need to teleport to a location or if there is no undressing animation. Maybe it also happens if you are in first person when the animation is about to start.
  18. I rolled back to Cabbage 1.1 and reinstalled patches for animations but it's still not working. Do I really need to disable the patches for AAF to work again? or do I just need to manually replace a specific file?
  19. v133 fixed the boot stall at 20% but now its stuck at 30%...
  20. I also had to use console commands to make some quest NPCs (that women in Solitude) actually appear... But that could also be my fault since I made my own SSE version of the mod. Is there even a mansion that is "fully" working apart from the falkreath mansion? If not it would really just be the best way to skip the building quest.
  21. Dude... I'm not meaning the over-all chance a dd-item is equipped, I mean the MCM-Menu of the mod you linked. It resets the settings for every new character.
  22. Well, the Creation Enginge is based on Gamebryo from 2003 but the first released game which is based on the Creation Engine is Skyrim... Lets just hope they seriously rework their engine framework. I don't want TES 6 to be a game that "just works".
  23. Why I'm here (world): Because my parents had sex and bla bla bla... Why I'm here (loverslab): I wanted to do naughty things in Skyrim.
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