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Lovers Immoral Guards - DukkyFeej Edition

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Lovers Immoral Guards - DukkyFeej Edition

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Lovers Immoral Guards

DukkyFeej Edition





This is an enhanced version  of the original mod by Japanese Modder kzs, By that, it includes various tests and optional mod-blocking systems so it does not hamper gameplay with additional mods that the end user (you) may list.


The purpose of Lovers Immoral Guards is to add a bit more risk for the player if he or she is having sex in public area.   It adds eighteen (18) new female guards to patrol the empire, and alters the behavior of male guards,  so they won't just stand idly by  while you're engaged in sexual behavior.  On top of that, various other NPCs might take notice of you and give you some grief.


Bribery, intimidation, rape... they all may come into play.


However, this new incarnation now includes features that may prevent unwanted harassment by guards or NPCs under certain circumstances.   Should the player be penalized for having sex in his own home, or while within a room he rented at the local tavern?  What if he or she was raped?  New preventative features have been added.



* == * == *



This is another variation of the LoversImmoralGuards which can be found here: 



This being version 1.02, it was initially translated by HanPL, with continued work by Slammer64, updated scripts by JSmith20142 and even further translation work by Fejeena.


This version examined the original scripts for more apt translations from the original author, but also recognizes the fore-mentioned work.



* == * == *




  •  Eighteen new female guards wandering Tamriel to keep a watchful eye
  •  A periodical from the 'Black Horse Courier' with the girls
  •  All the guards of Tamriel may now harass you if given the chance
  •  Bribe a guard.  Bribe an NPC.  They'll stop noticing little things
  •  An extensive INI file that lets you configure how the system behaves
  •  Includes a custom flag specific for dialog blocking if LST is in use.
  • The package includes two versions, the MBP (Modular Beautiful People) cast of female guards, and a No-MBP version.
  • Now Expandable.  Inclusions added for additional guards, including  within the Shivering Isles


Remember.... this package has TWO versions, two different .esp files. One esp is meant for those using the MBP (Modular Beautiful People) mod, and one for those without. It is called the DukkyFeej version as there was suggestions and advice communicated during its 2018 design (yeah, now I'm posting it.... got a problem with that?).


* == * == *




If you have been caught by a guard, you may find that you're given a new set of options.  These may include:


      [Pay bounty with sex ]
      [Pay bounty with gold ]
      [Pay bounty]
      [Change location]
      [I'm not afraid of threats!]


But be warned that not everyone is interested in money, and telling a guard off might have dire consequences.  Meanwhile, you can 'change location' which tells the guard that you want to go somewhere discreet and away from prying eyes.


And guards aren't the only ones who may pressure you.   Beggars may threaten to run off and find a guard if he or she doesn't get their way.


There are other forms of dialog that you may run across.


Rather than having  someone catch you  in the act,  you can take  a pre-emptive measure by bribing an NPC.  The bribe can be paid off by either sex or by gold, and with dialog options not all that different than above.


You may also act the good samaritan by taking on the bounty of another NPC if that NPC is in trouble with the law. The basic dialog of [Pay off your bounty] is modeled after the Thieves Guild line:  Pay off my fines and bounty.  But in this instance, you're assuming the fines of another and have to pay them off.



* == * == *




To kzs for the initial mod
To HanPL for the initial translation
To Slammer64 for further translation
to JSmith20142 for further work, the initial INI file and options
To Fejeena for further translations
to Fejeena and gregathit for later work on No-MBP options



* == * == *




  • Oblivion.esm
  • OBSE 20 better
  • Shivering Isles.esp
  • Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better



  • MBP (Modular Beautiful People) if the default .esp is in use.

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    Oblivion, LAPF, OBSE V 2.0+, Shivering Isles


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  • 2 weeks later...


16 hours ago, timmy95 said:

The non-MBP version has conflict with face textures from Oblivion character Overhaul.


From its inception, LoversImmoralGuards uses custom races for the lovely female guards of Tamriel.  While the lovely crimson haired Jackie ? of Wawnet Inn is said to be Breton, she is actually a kzs custom Breton.  And the system uses a command called 'SetRaceAlias' to allow the custom races behave with Imperial race reactions... for the guard class reactions.  This could be why Oblivion Character Overhaul is having difficulties, reacting to these races as Imperial via the SetRaceAlias thinking that all the ladies are Imperial and using incorrectly scaled positions for the features.


That's a rough estimation.  I could be wrong.  But this is quite likely the reason.



16 hours ago, timmy95 said:

And why create separate races for guards?

It was the original creator's design, and he had a number of his works made in ways that I believe were tied together in some manner.  He made quite a few, and some of his mods had code detecting his other works.  Granted, he did not make any Non-MBP version.  That was an acquiescence by translators for those players who did not want to use the MBP (Modular Beautiful People) mod.



16 hours ago, timmy95 said:

Also why does these guards have dremora horns anyway?

They're Immoral?  As we cannot contact kzs , this would only be an estimation. But it is a logical estimation.  Again, he had a tendency to tie his mods together.  For all I know, he could have been setting something else up for these lovely ladies.


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2 hours ago, sunhawken said:

I assume these used cell detection, also for "public cells". 


Actually, and I'm spitballing as I just uninstalled Oblivion (for now)....


The mod has a very entertaining cell detection system.  Hell, if you didn't properly bribe someone or if someone ran off, the mod would look to see if a guard was in an adjoining cell to come in an harass you...  I believe...


It's been a while since I worked on the mod... actually neglecting to upload it since I worked on it in 2018. 


I swear, I thought I had.





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7 hours ago, sunhawken said:

If you leave now you will be missed, ..




11 hours ago, LongDukDong said:

Actually, and I'm spitballing as I just uninstalled Oblivion (for now)....


What part of that did ya miss?  Think I gave up???  But that's off-topic.

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  • 4 months later...
On 5/19/2021 at 7:35 AM, LongDukDong said:

Nope!  Though I might have been relegated into making book jackets, work on Japanese to English translations and advice....

need some help here, I installed the MBP and MBP ++ but somehow the immoral guard texture is missing, does this have to do with the original MBP ? because it's in japanese and I just clicking yes to everything when I install it, I need step by step on how to install this version of immoral guards

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The only 'textures' in the DukkyFeej version of Lovers Immoral Guards pertains to the Book you receive at the start of the game.  All textures for the lovely ladies of Cyrodiil come from the MBP and MBP++ versions. Granted, I found not all MBP races had great textures...


The only possible exceptions would be for three particular Lop Chocolate Elves, those being Andrea, Felicia and Malvina.  The same issue may likewise be experienced with Eventia, Luna and Rannock of BravilUnderground and nearly all the Sirens of LoversCrowningIsles (odd that the Siren race wasn't used but Chocolate Elves were)...  In this instance, I would recommend downloading CHOCOLATE ELVES at Nexus Mods.

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  • 5 months later...

There are factors you can adjust within the INI file, such as adjusting the chance of a normal guard to be immoral... currently set to 30%  And likewise, the chance of an NPC snitching and immoral reactions are within the INI, along with minimum disposition factor.


Example Settings:

    ; Chance of NPC snitching if offer refused
    ; (Default is 45)
    set kzsQuestLoversImmoralGuards.iPerSnitch         to 45

    ; Chance of NPCs using 'immoral' reactions to player
    ; (Default is 30)
    set kzsQuestLoversImmoralGuards.iCmnPerImmoral     to 30


Yeah, I've had Skrivva of Bravil accost me, Irene Metrick or the Imperial City... etc.

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The NPC Responsibility should be the main value to calculate his/her immorality.


NPCs with high Responsibility should never "force" the player to fuck, they always call the guards. And  high Responsibility (90+) and Don't like player should be a 100% call guards/bounty.

For NPCs with low Responsibility the disposition to player is important.  With low Responsibility they don't care if the player have public sex. If they like the player they just walk by or watch. But If they don't like the player then they take the opportunity to blackmail the player into having sex.


I never understood why the guards are 100 esponsibility are immoral.  That's why I uninstalled the mod about 2 years ago.  I still have a light version of immoral Sisters, the cult only in the Imperial city, everything else deleted.

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17 minutes ago, fejeena said:

I never understood why the guards are 100 esponsibility are immoral.  That's why I uninstalled the mod about 2 years ago.  I still have a light version of immoral Sisters, the cult only in the Imperial city, everything else deleted.

Well, yeah.  But the first entry in the INI file governs the chance of a normal guard being immoral.  Just set it to 0.


And for those that worry about gangrape with this mod while also having gangrape in LoversSlaveTrader, you have the ability to reduce gangrape chance (currently sent to 25%).


As the readme states under features: "An extensive INI file that lets you configure how the system behaves"

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I don't know, I have been thinking about that before of how it could be represented in the lovers mods. Rape is an evil/totally selfish act, it is directly attacking another person just for self pleasure. It is not possible to explain it away. But theft you can explain away as in "owning stuff is taking it from the  poor because you don't share" or "you didn't really need that thing" or "it was an adventure and I didn't hurt you by stealing it" etc.

Theft is low responsibility while rape is evil. There are many cleanly ordered housewives with high responsibility that are evil and take pleasure in beating children for example.

For me it fits perfectly well with highly responsible guards that kill people when they steal an apple in the tavern because it is a crime and then rape player characters. They just have lots of the Actor Value "Evil" or "Selfish". Or maybe they have zero of "Altruism" or "Benevolence".

Some natural english speaker could come up with a good word for it and then someone could add an AV for it.

A rapist would have low "Benevolence". Much of it could increase that npcs disposition towards all other npcs. A good bandit wouldn't rape even tho he has low responsibility.

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The basic premise of the mod is about public sex and public rape.  One of the in-dialog options you are given when threatened is to 'change location' in order to isolate yourself with your would-be extortionist and away from prying eyes.


Your suggestion changes the dynamics of the system as it relies on witnesses catching you in the act, and the more the merrier.  Otherwise, there wouldn't be the gangrape mechanics in play.


These are the original mechanics of the system as they have existed since the HanPL translated version posted here in 2013, or the original Japanese version from earlier.  These, I will not touch otherwise it belies the intent of the mod itself

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