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Non barbie/ken dolls mod

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I am currently using Wicked Whims but would prefer to use Wonderful Whims instead.  However I do enjoy that Wicked Whims gives my sims realistic body parts.  Is there a sort of standalone mod that does  wicked whims does that I can use with Wonderful Whims in order to loose the barbie/ken doll look?

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2 hours ago, MissCee said:

Hi, did you know that Wicked Whims has an option that allows you to turn off the sex/nudity interactions for game play.  I think it's called Low Intensity. 


Was searching for something else, and just saw this on Youtube.  https://youtu.be/9ipwkKXNgIo


Perhaps some ideas for you. 

Yes you can also just disable the Autonomous sex switch and Nudity switches, if that's what you meant.

Quite a few other things can also be disabled in settings. 

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Delete the ts4script but keep the package file.

All body parts, skins, some interactions and a little bit of code is in the package file.

You may even edit the package file with S4S and delete everything except the body parts.

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SexySims4 has 3 soft and 7 hard sizes, Cmar has an adjustable add-on.  Cmar doesn't work with Wicked Whims.  SexySims4 hard sizes #5, #6, and monster can be used with Wicked Whims.  The other hard sizes will have a white patch on the groin if you use them with Wicked Whims.  You can use E404P jeans and shorts with the SexySims4 sizes.  I think Julie J's has an accessory fallen jeans.  Have fun.

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