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Schlongs of skyrim but no schlongs?

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not sure about a setting, but I don't think so. Check the SOS MCM. But failing that, the only way I think you could ensure it, or at least hopefully correct the NPCs currently spawned, as follows:

  1. uninstall SOS
  2. open game and load save
  3. play for a little while
  4. create a new save
  5. fallrim the save to ensure no leftover SOS related stuff
  6. reinstall SOS

This should freshly reassign default schlongs to all male characters


I don't recall if this is a "correct" memory, but I think I remember reading some post on the issue (back when I was having some problems with it ~a year+ ago) that said that once assigned, an NPC is fixed (aside from a direct edit using SOS, LazyTools, NPC-racemenu interfaces etc), so your "setting" is unfortunately "reinstall", and making sure to purge any remnants before doing so, so it doesn't continue to set NPCs that were already set to "no schlong" for whatever reason (one possibility is their gender was dice-roll set to female by whatever magic does such things in skyrim's code)


Also... before you go any further, make sure your SOS-related load order rules (some mod you installed along the way that can step on SOS's feet) aren't incidentally violating its dominance ( edit: not that all such overwrites are bad, ie, XPMSSE, patches)


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13 hours ago, Twily89 said:

I have the same problem with the missing schlong, but I know the reason: I play as Half- Khajiit and can´t assign one. Could anybody help me there?


You have to add that Race to the list, either through CK or xEdit. The SOS thread has good advice on how.

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