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  1. I was trying to be a good girl to get rid of the Careless Fuckery perk honest, then I absentmindedly picked up a copy of Commonwealth Cummers Vol.1 (which I didn’t know existed!) After an exhausting few hours I managed to escape into the woods and found a camp where I could wait for the perk to wear off. Great mod, very hard for a Girl to keep on the straight and narrow. Thank You
  2. I thank you for the clarification, Great Mod still finding my way around. Just looked in Perks and I do have RSE Careless Fuckery so must have happened during my getting used to the settings required. I have read the tiny print and will wait until it says I am cured. Hopefully with it now turned off it won’t recur. Thank You
  3. Forgive me if I am reading this wrong The RSE_USER_GUIDE it says quote: Note: that having the Neon Light mode enabled prevents anyone from approaching you out in the Commonwealth, as you wont be in an owned settlement and there wont be a light. Even with the ring on, out there, no one will approach. Which could be want you want or not. Always be aware of this MCM setting if you do not wish to use the light as a trigger. I have Careless Fuckery set to OFF? The pregnancy notice discrepancies are probably because the Condoms are being removed.
  4. I have some strange things happening when away from settlements and with the Solicitation Ring equipped. I get approached by a client’s (Raiders) we do the deed and then he follows me until we have a second fling but the second time shouldn’t have happened I got no topic to continue. I also thought If I have the Neon Sign set to ON in MCM I wouldn’t be approached away from settlements. Also the Condoms part of family Planning Enhanced which are set in MCM to Equip New Condom After Sex. After sex it says Careless Fuckery Point removed then Condom (20) removed, then it says Condoms (20) Added. 20 is the number of condoms in my inventory. Before I installed RSE it would say Condom removed condom added. Lastly is says I reckon the chance of me getting pregnant is 3%, this is with contraception and supposedly a condom so should be 0%. The Approach Cool Down Timer in settlements doesn’t seem to work I have it set to 2 hours but quite a few clients return immediately we finish. As others are not finding these problems it must be something wrong with my setup. I include my Load List in case I have my items in the wrong order or there is a known conflict. plugins.txt
  5. Yes I would say that it now works as it’s based around the script you got. I think my Unique Player Body was just a very old version of these and unfortunately was an ESM not an esp. I have looked through the new UniqueFemalePlayerAndFollowersDLC.esp and can’t find any differences in file names and paths from my old one. I would add the Unique Player Body esp from Flashy (JoeR) as a requirement for your Unique Player Body users. Quote: Flashy (JoeR) Of course! I’m the one who created the compatibility around these parts Well tested and verified by users of: UniquePlayer.esp UniqueFemalePlayerAndFollowersDLC.esp UniqueMalePlayerAndFollowersDLC.esp Unfortunately I have Just started RSE which also has nudity running and I wouldn’t be sure which was working at least at the moment as there is so much to try out in RSE.
  6. PS are the quests , Random Shenanigans, Retrieval, and being Stalked supposed to start straight away?
  7. OK I received the nudity may be noticed popup and received some Infamy. So I think everything’s working, going to play now. Thank You for your assistance and greatly reducing my load list count as well. Going to take a while to go through the millions of settings and try things Thank You
  8. Ok removed Flirty Commonwealth and Vinfamy's Prostitution mod I thought the CP was part of Prostitution the mod? I have removed the old UniquePlayer and Followers mods (I think they were old versions of the one you asked me to use as the file paths are exactly identical). I installed Unique Player and Followers-26108-2-1 so now have UniqueFemalePlayerAndFollowersDLC.esp and is working fine. Before I try RSE again Should I remove the FP_Patch__2_6_1-For Fo4 1_2e 10 (Fixed) as well?
  9. Ok removed Flirty Commonwealth and Vinfamy's Prostitution mod I thought the CP was part of Prostitution the mod? Should I remove the FP_Patch__2_6_1-For Fo4 1_2e 10 (Fixed) as well?
  10. OK installed and first run. As soon as the game opened I got 4 quests started, RSE Open For Business, Random Shenanigans, Retrieval, and being Stalked. I remove my clothes and waited 4 minutes and No nudity may be noticed popup. I have Subtitles ON. I don’t think I have done anything wrong in the install followed the instructions to the letter. I have included my load list in case there is a known conflict. plugins.txt
  11. Ok both downloaded, I have all the other FP mods mentioned (successfully running for some time) in the install guide. Before I install please - Will RSE work with Unique Player Body?
  12. I opened the Guide in Chrome successfully Thank You. This all looks a bit scary to me, so many things that are not fun in real life let alone in a game. Please can you tell me how much of it can be turned off, so I can slowly integrate myself, enabling or not things as I progress?
  13. What do I use to view the RSE manual? I even downloaded an htm reader but still its unreadable black background and dark grey text. I am using Internet explorer 11.
  14. I thank you for your reply and candour, I just didn’t want to use up slots with mods I can’t use. I will remove FP_SexHarassment and FP_Attributes for now. I will of course inform you if I find a solution. I think what you are doing is fantastic, I wish that I had the skills and patience, and I thank you for your efforts.