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  1. I find keeping the camera low away from any ceiling and making sure I can see player and NPC before the animation starts helps cut down the problem but doesn’t solve it completely.
  2. Thank You, I just had another random Toll block on a bridge and used the refuse option during the masturbation animation. After I had sex with him the topics did reopen and I used the refuse to pay option again, he then said that was unfortunate I thought they would attack but the topic disappeared without them becoming aggressive and I was able to walk through them to the other side. Thank You
  3. For Info: Just became Pregnant again and started the Find Father quest I took Preston to the settler I assigned as doctor in the settlement. It first I thought it wasn’t going to work as he started with the how’s the baby options. I ended that conversation and then spoke to him again straight away and he had the DNA test option. He confirmed it was Preston, I told Preston I would bring the baby up on my own and the quest finished. I now only have the Unplanned Parenthood quest which I will fail when the time limit is passed as I usually do as I don’t abort my baby’s.
  4. I thank you, that’s the one thing I didn’t check as I thought the animation was the thing that marked it as passed and successful. I have been doing the masturbation, and the sex with the leader and then using the options to pay a little as possible without getting shot. Ok, should I use the not paying anything option or the max amount option, or would any options in the topic produce the desired effect? I will experiment. Thank You
  5. Length of pregnancy depends on your settings in MCM. I have mine set to the default 3 days per FPE Month, so it will take 27 game days for full pregnancy.
  6. Since I finished the main quest I am finding more and more road/Toll blocks on bridges tunnels etc. When I approach these situations and one of its member’s approaches me stating there’s a toll to pass, I get the EIM notification to use sex to get through the Toll price negotiations and I use masturbation to swing the deal then the sex animation works fine between me and their leader, but afterwards the options from their Toll conversation are still on screen and any options I take that don’t result in my still paying caps end in them attacking me. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Dr Sun is a good choice. I only use pregnancy on the Player myself, but when my body gets big nobody else’s does. I also use a unique player Body. In the past I remember I did get a pregnancy guest which didn’t proceed properly and I went back to just before the father quest started and talked to the father again and that time it worked. I have had 5 babies and only one problem but my game is packed full of mods so I expect a problem occasionally. You will get a quest Fail as the baby grows inside which does worry some people, but it’s actually only the Failure of the Abortion quest part if you fail to abort the baby within the allotted time. I always fail that part as I never abort my babies.
  8. It should start soon after you are pregnant the find the father quest I have used a few different Docs, But maybe try the Doc in Diamond City that worked every time for me and others
  9. And you have done the come with me for a paternity test with Danse? If so the topic should appear
  10. Hmm, it’s a while since my last baby. Have you got a potential father following you when you talk to the doctor? The potential father needs to be following you using the topics in the Father quest, I think its will you come for a paternity test? You will need to have subtitles on
  11. The quest pointers are showing the possible fathers and you have to approach them and get then to follow you to any doctors (even a settler with the Job of Doctor) for the paternity test. If you have a good idea who the father is I would start with him. The other markers should disappear once the father is confirmed or as they are eliminated after a test as not the Father.
  12. Family Planning Enhanced 2.102 Update on my post 9/4/2018 I have the same problem with my 4th baby as I did posted on 25/1/2018 whilst having my First. Then using Family Planning Enhanced 2.03 Now using Family Planning Enhanced 2.102 I went to see my baby in the crib (this is my fourth), I picked it up to see how long it has to change to a child which I have done many times before for this baby. I got the popup and information, but when I said ok the popup disappeared but the baby was still in the crib and I had another one in my inventory. My second and third baby’s had no problems and I always checked the baby’s when passing the settlements. I have gone back to saves before I attempted to pick the baby up this last time and tried again with the same outcome. If there is no solution I will let the baby become a child without attempting to check the baby’s stats. The Update: The Baby has now become a child and is working in the field, but the BABY is still in the CRIB!. Should I disable and markfordelete the baby?
  13. Agnot2014

    Sexual Harassment (10/9/2018)

    I thank you for your reply and candour, I just didn’t want to use up slots with mods I can’t use. I will remove FP_SexHarassment and FP_Attributes for now. I will of course inform you if I find a solution. I think what you are doing is fantastic, I wish that I had the skills and patience, and I thank you for your efforts.
  14. Agnot2014

    Sexual Harassment (10/9/2018)

    Are we saying that this isn’t compatible with Unique Player Body? Or will there be an update in the near future do you think, just asking if I should remove Harassment again and hope for a fix later perhaps.