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  1. Well, did you uninstall it in Vortex first? You have to have it either/or. You can't have it both in Vortex and manually installed. If you're installing it manually, The 3 SKSE64 DLLs go into your Skyrim SE root folder - the same location as the regular launcher. The Data goes in your SkyrimSE Data folder.
  2. Are you installing the correct SKSE? A common mistake is downloading SKSE instead of SKSE64. Also, are you installing it manually or through a mod manager? I alway have found it best to install it manually, and run the SKSE64_loader.exe from the desktop.
  3. What happens when your characters are completely naked in CAS or in Live Mode?? Do boobs show on naked bodies, or are they missing on there as well?
  4. Well, it's not a "bug". You've done something wrong. As others have said, "updating FNIS" won't fix T-Posing. You either installed or removed an FNIS animation mod and didn't run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe. When you run that, it generates a listing of any errors with your FNIS-based animations you've installed. Do that, then copy and paste the text with any errors that show, on here, so that we can see it.
  5. I don't have the issue anymore. It seemed to be fixed with the last or second-to-last game update. All new Sims I've made or downloaded over the last couple of weeks have been fine. Before, it was happening with Sims I had already created and had in Households. And any new Sims would do it. And I tried it with all mods removed on a new vanilla Sim. Still did it. But, for some reason, the issue went away after one of the recent updates.
  6. I found that it was vanilla outfits that my Sims were wearing when naked. They never wore any of my CC when bathing or showering when that happened. I've heard of that happening when flagged for nude.
  7. I had this issue some time back. Sims were wearing some random clothing while showering, bathing or sunbathing. I used MC Command Center to copy a naked body in CAS (I don't have Seasons, so I used Hot Weather). I just made a completely naked Sim as "clothing" item. Then I used MC Dresser to copy the nude body from CAS and paste it onto my Sim while she was bathing, showering or sunbathing. Sunbathing is the easiest because they stay still longer. It sometimes takes a couple of tries to make it stick. You'll have to do that with all custom Sims (and Townies as well, if you want to use them as
  8. Are you referring to the cum layers in WW? Cum layers can be turned off in WW settings. No need to delete anything.
  9. But what "multiplayer"? Skyrim doesn't have vanilla multiplayer. That's what I can't follow. I asked if you have "Skyrim Together" which I don't see in your list. If you're getting that message, then I have no idea what mod would be giving you that error.
  10. Hey, thanks for your comment. It's old comment I made, but I appreciate the link to the mod. Thanks!
  11. Sure we're talking about the correct game here? Skyrim SE doesn't have multiplayer, unless you have the "Skyrim Together" mod. Do you?
  12. Sometimes this can fixed by fast traveling somewhere else for about 2 game days. Just go and do other quests for a while. Then try returning.
  13. Within Temptation "Forsaken". Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit film footage.
  14. Well, I appreciate the replies. I've pretty much given up on trying to duplicate the features of the Sim that came with the sliders. The only way I've found, when I want to create a new Sim with those sliders, is to pull in the Sim that I wanted to repeat and create a new face, hair, whatever on that same Sim. Because if I build a new Sim from scratch, breasts, hips, thighs & calf sliders don't load with the CAS. They use the defaults. My problem is my own lack of understanding on how Sims uses mods and sliders etc. Seems I just can't wrap my head around it at all. So, this seems to be the
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