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  1. Amazing job! Just love her! Tweaked her a bit to my tastes, but really didn't change her face or hair. One of the most interesting Sims I've downloaded in a long time.
  2. UPDATE: I did a search on "Nisa" in my mods folder, and it popped up 2 instances of Nisa-related .package files. I had both of them in my "Body" folder, which I place all sliders and skins etc. in. I deleted them, and POOF! Problem gone. No more error.
  3. Okay, well thank you. I do download a lot of Sims from here. It's just that I've had this exception for a long time, and finally decided to do something with it. Thanks again for your help!
  4. But I don't have Nisa's Wicked Perversions. Never have had it.
  5. Since I don't know where this error is coming from, or even what it is.....I decided to post this here. When I use the "The Sims 4 lastException Assistant" and post the LastException file it comes up with: "Outdated Tunable Resource Error Outdated Tunable Resource requires removing. Tunable Game Resource with name NisaK:rabbithole_farm_tuneup' contains incorrect/outdated information. You need to locate the PACKAGE file, in your The Sims 4 Mods folder, that contains this resource and remove it. Try starting with the oldest modifications you have. If this is a new issue, try removing the most recent mod you have installed." I have searched through my folders and cannot locate such a .package file. Anyone familiar with this error and can help?
  6. According to what I have been reading, this issue is caused by the previous version of Basemental Drugs, after the newest game patch. I don't have this mod myself, but I have read about it causing the doors issue on other threads.
  7. You certainly aren't the only one Vyxenne. I haven't had to log in here since forever, and I get on here at least once a day too. I also use Firefox. It only very occasionally happens that I have to log in. Like on Nexus, it auto-logs me in almost all the time, but just last week I had to log in there again. There must be something on the site that does that for security reasons. And sometimes, for unknown reasons, it happens that I'm logged out of EVERY site that I usually get logged in automatically. So, email, Facebook, Amazon, and many other sites, I get logged out of those en masse and have to log in again.
  8. No separate mod required. Just specify it in Wicked Whims Settings. "Wicked\Settings\Sex Settings\Sex Interaction Settings\Teens Sex Switch" and check the box.
  9. It's not supported by the Nexus guys, and hasn't been for a long time. I recommend Vortex. I found it easier to use and understand. Both Vortex and MO2 are good, but when I was a beginner, I found MO2 to be very difficult to grasp. Vortex, to me, was much easier to use & learn.
  10. I never use First-person while using WW. I'll have a look next time and see if I get the same results.
  11. When you install Wicked Whims, it comes with a default naked body for both male and female. That can be changed with different body types, like Eve and Dumbaby. Turbo has links to those on his WW website.
  12. What game version are you running? You can find that in the Sims 4 Directory. Open the file "GameVersion" in Notepad.
  13. On the Wicked Whims page where you download it. Turbo lists the previous versions at the very bottom of the page.
  14. Turbodriver has released another version of WW.....v165g. Haven't tried it yet, but going to see if it fixes the animation alignment issue. In the Patch Notes, that is one of the first things that is mentioned as being fixed. Here's to being hopeful, and keeping my fingers crossed. https://turbodriver.itch.io/wickedwhims/devlog/257422/update-wickedwhims-v165g EDIT: Tried a few animations that were consistently not working with v. 165f yesterday, and they are all working normally with v. 165g. Thanks to Turbodriver for the fix, and to Husk for his help to me! Nice job, guys!
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