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Mod that allows unnamed/leveled NPCs to have sex with each other

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I'm looking for a mod sort of like The Secret Lives of Skyrim NPCs but for unnamed NPCs like bandits, hunters, maybe soldiers, etc. to have sex with each other. I have tried Romance of NPCs, but that mod is pretty poorly made. I couldn't get the enemy scenes to work no matter what I tried; plus, they're completely random. It also depends on Immersive Wenches for some reason, which is another mod that I don't want. I would like it if bandits in a camp have a chance to have sex if they are near a bed, or a valid idle in their hideout, or soldiers might have sex in their tent at night, or maybe hunters will fuck in the bushes if they come across each other. I thought about doing this myself, but I don't have much experience modding beyond patching. I wanted to know if anything like this exists, because I cannot find it. 

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2 hours ago, MonVert said:

Could try Yamete, but that's more of "If Imperials and Stormcloak patrols meet each someone is getting fucked."




That is an interesting mod, but I'm looking more for something that doesn't involve combat. The idea I'm thinking of is allies having sex with each other, which I can come across while exploring. Almost in the same vain as Secret Lives, but that only deals with named NPCs and is not random.

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