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SL animation loader is empty

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In case JContainers IS installed correctly...


SLAL takes anywhere from a few seconds up to about 10-15 seconds to load the animation pack submenus.  Those few seconds can seem like infinite delay when in game mode and can cause one to overreact and back out of the menu after not immediately  seeing what they expected. (it did for me early on anyway, and afaik a few other players have found this to be their issue too. Simple impatience).  So I'd recommend that you open it once more, wait for half a minute. If it doesn't get populated by that time, then move onto further debugging. SLAL - and sometimes SL itself - can be sluggish in populating their MCM content.  SLAL is by far the "worst" in my MCM chain of around 3 dozen config menus. 


In addition, remember that you need to install animation packs only once SLAL is installed, Or said another way, animation packs should only be installed after SLAL. Afaik, packages installed prior to installation of SLAL will not show up, since the folders into which their content was expected to be delivered was never created.  (same goes for Bodyslide, which people sometimes discover isn't showing their bodyslides or armor content... installed prior to installing Bodyslide&Outfit Studio). At least that's how it was for me back when I installed SLAL. Couldn't figure out why the half dozen animation packs I'd installed prior wouldn't show up in SLAL Solution was to uninstall the animation packs, then  reinstall them after I'd cleaned up the save (open game, open save, create new save, exit game, clean new save, then install packs)


Beyond that I haint' nuffin to add. 

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