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  1. I get an error in the MCM telling me I need to use JC 3 or higher but i am using 4.1
  2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled skyrim and the mods many times and never had this issue. Not sure what I forgot to do this time. In the MCM the Animation loader is empty except for one tab that only shows the logo.
  3. The MCM window is empty except for the SL animation logo. Not sure what I screwed up.
  4. is there a cap on the buff when it comes to breaking brides? it seems if i do more than 4-5 I don't get the buff at all. more along the lines of adding a compatible shrine ect
  5. it was the tanning rack made in the campfire mod that I used.
  6. How do i use the milker plans? I am able to create them at a tanning rack but if i try using them nothing happens.
  7. Well I have been trying to break it and it seems to work fine with PAH only major bug i could find with the mod overall is not being able to save in the main area or the cave.
  8. Well I tried to hold off but your mod got me to break my rule about waiting when it comes to such early mods. The limited functionality it already has is great and I can't wait to see how it develops. Pretty sure I already saw someone say wintersun support would be a great fit for this. Once you get the ground work in and start adding other rewards an obvious one would be to turn a bride into a vampire as one of the higher level ones. It mentioned something about a PAH patch is that just included or am I blind and simply unable to find the DL for that?
  9. This might be dumb but where is the RaceMenu folder. I cant find it in my skyrim folder
  10. I can't seem to figure out how to craft the items/keys. I read and got the books in winter hold and nothing. EDIT: Oh you need to read it when it is in your inventory not the bookshelf
  11. Hircine should favor sub/aggressor equally and should give a bonus for rapping/being raped
  12. does this mod add creatures? I suddenly have a bunch of none invisible non-vanilla creatures running around and all I can see of them are their dicks. Were there dependencies this mod needs?
  13. Where can I find the "player aggressor" toggle in the mcm? I'm wondering if that's why none of the crafting items are showing up for me in the Chem lab.
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